The Great Pruning: Remissioning the Church in Disruptive Times

Pruning branches on a living plant helps it to be more productive, grow better fruit, and sustain the plant for the long haul.

As churches have become dispersed because of COVID-19 it has revealed the fruit of our labor when times felt much less complicated. The lessons we are learning in order to be church today can help us to get rid of overgrown programs, unproductive gatherings, and aimless neighboring.

There has been an apocalypse—an unveiling—of what we hold dear, what it means to be church, and how to incorporate the mission of God into our everyday lives. In 30, 60, 90 (or more!) days when we are able to gather in person again, what needs to go away and stay away?

What lessons are we learning about what it means to shepherd, pioneer, teach, call into relationship and share the good news that need to go with us into our post-coronavirus church?

During this webinar, we will explore:

  • How The Great Pruning that is occurring in our churches can be for our good and the good of our neighbors
  • Preparing to be a church on mission on the other side of this pandemic
  • How to invite your leadership to plan beyond this challenging season
  • Re-missioning your church to greater faithfulness to the mission of God. 

Join us for this free webinar on Thursday, April 9, 2020 at 2PM EDT

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