Eight Months of Training in Grounded Missional Practices

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Learn the 8 core competencies of missional church planting

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What People are Saying About V3 Learning Cohorts

Jared & Mary Beth Dragoun

NoHo Church

"These guys care about genuine, accessible discipleship—the kind that isn’t based on big personalities, grandiose productions, or unsustainable resourcing.”

Bryan Staab


"The V3 Cohorts combine teamwork with contemplating some of the best practices on disciple-making and catalyzing missional movements."

Kevin & Christine Sweeney

Imagine Church

"While holding the creative tensions between head and heart, and theory and practice, they truly have helped build the foundation of our church."



Mike Pumprey

Awaken Church

"We wouldn't be who we are today without this training."

Kevin Yi

Kaleo Church

“A good sense of brother and sisterhood - people who get where you are and can say, “hey, don’t give up!”


Tim Owens


“Joining a V3 cohort is like finally finding family.”

Today's leaders have been trained to draw a crowd and preach a good sermon, but few have been equipped for the future the church is facing. Many are starving for wisdom, guidance and grounded tools on how to cultivate new types of church bodies. When we explore doing this together within a learning cohort, it is a much richer experience than going at it alone.

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Eight Competencies for Missional Church Planting


Movement Intelligence 

Discover how to live into the vision of the church as a movement with a five-fold approach to leadership.

Polycentric Leadership

Learn the messy yet beautiful approach to cultivating shared leadership.


Being Disciples

Consider how to nourish an emotionally healthy life that is worth imitating.

Making Disciples

Explore how to build communities on mission through the vital work of instruction, imitation and immersion


Missional Theology

Discover how the social and sending nature of God informs our way of being the church and joining God in the renewal of all things.

Ecclesial Architecture

Consider how to craft a communal rule and rhythm of life that shapes your collective desire for God, each other and mission.


Community Formation

Learn the sticky practices that help start and sustain life-giving shared-life in community.

Incarnational Practices

Gain wisdom and schemas for how to be intentionally present to the people to whom God has sent you in your neighborhood.

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