Pruning branches on a living plant helps it to be more productive, grow better fruit, and sustain the plant for the long haul.

As churches have become dispersed because of COVID-19 it has revealed the fruit of our labor when times felt much less complicated. The lessons we are learning in order to be church today can help us to get rid of overgrown programs, unproductive gatherings, and aimless neighboring.

There has been an apocalypse—an unveiling—of what we hold dear, what it means to be church, and how to incorporate the mission of God into our everyday lives. In 30, 60, 90 (or more!) days when we are able to gather in person again, what needs to go away and stay away?

What lessons are we learning about what it means to shepherd, pioneer, teach, call into relationship and share the good news need to go with us into our post-coronavirus church?

APRIL 9, 2020 // 2 PM EST




  · How The Great Pruning that is occurring in our churches can be for our good and the good of our neighbors

  · Preparing to be a church on mission on the other side of this pandemic

  · How to invite your leadership to plan beyond this challenging season

  · Re-missioning your church to greater faithfulness to the mission of God. 



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Josh Hayden is the Senior Pastor at First Baptist Church in Ashland, VA. Josh studied leadership and organizational change while writing Creative Destruction: Towards a Theology of Institutions to receive his Doctor of Ministry at Duke Divinity School. He’s also the author of Sacred Hope, a book designed to foster conversation about the role of hope in our lives. Josh is the Director of Re-missioning with the V3 Movement.

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Dr. Kyuboem Lee was born in Seoul, South Korea and raised in Nairobi, Kenya. He was educated in evangelical and reformed institutions in the US. He has lived, church planted, and ministered cross-culturally in Philadelphia since 1993. He has also taught urban mission at the graduate level since 2006, has edited the Journal of Urban Mission since 2010, and serves as a leading voice with Missio Alliance. He is also a church planting coach for international cohorts in the V3 Movement. Kyuboem is married to Christe and is the father of two sons, Amoz and Theo.  

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Lori Ruffin is an upbeat strategic thinker. Fueled by a passion to help individuals and organizations fulfill their God-given purpose, she is the Operations Manager for the V3 Movement and the Founder of The COO Team, a virtual operations agency for nonprofits and small businesses. She enjoys helping others cultivate their relationship with God, songwriting and singing. She lives in Richmond, Va., with her husband and daughter. and and their three, seriously, amazing children.  

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Christy Foldenauer is the Senior Pastor at Tomahawk Baptist Church. She is a leader and communicator with seventeen years of ministry experience. Gifted in bringing theological concepts into everyday life using creativity, word pictures and metaphors in a way that helps people connect in a meaningful way with Scripture. With over a decade of crafting strategies to cultivate small group communities across various church cultures she has a passion for discipleship. She has cultivated  the ability to recruit and develop leaders for crucial ministry roles as a means of engaging them in mission. She is a lover of the Bible and discipleship with a shepherd’s heart. She is helping Re-mission the church as a Coach with the V3 Movement.

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Today's leaders have been trained to draw a crowd and preach a good sermon, but few have been equipped for the future the church is facing. Many are starving for wisdom, guidance and grounded tools on how to cultivate new types of church bodies. When we explore doing this together within a learning cohort, it is a much richer experience than going at it alone.