Meet Praxis Presenter Hugh Halter

In our fifth annual time together at The Praxis Gathering, we will plunge into the hands-on-work of Life Together in Community with particular emphasis on creating a missional-community, a tethered community, a multi-ethnic community, a peace-making community, and a healing community. We’ve gathered some of the best on-the-ground church planters and practitioners to furnish us with the possibilities for lighting a path ahead in our churches, in our neighborhoods, and in our world. Hugh Halter is one such practitioner.

In 2016 Hugh Halter and his family all moved to Alton, IL. This was the first time they moved without knowing what they would do. They discerned that God was calling them to help a small struggling town become a little better. Within a year they owned a 12,000 square foot federal post office, and with the help of family and friends family turned it into “Post Commons” which the locals call the “living room for Alton.” Under Hugh’s non-profit “Lantern Network” Hugh facilitates a coffee house, brunch kitchen, events center, whiskey society, and co-working space to birth and nurture small ventures that make a collectively large ripple.

Hugh has written numerous acclaimed books including The Tangible Kingdom, Flesh, BiVoand Sacrilege. He also founded Missio Publishing. He is now a coach and creator for The V3 Movement’s MarketPlace Planting Cohort

Here is Hugh exposing the greatest missionary skill of sharing a meal with friends:

Meet Hugh and many other Planters and Practitioners at The Praxis Gathering September 26-28 in Philadelphia!

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