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Imagine Church: What Missional Church Can Look Like

V3 author and Imagine Church planter Kevin Sweeney and his wife Christine have been a big part of the V3 Movement. Recently, they joined us at Praxis as featured missional practitioners and taught the amazing, interactive sessions Discipleship and the Person of Peace and Discipleship and Imagination.
Their real-world experiences were immanent in their Praxis sessions, and participants heard how a vibrant, creative, missional church in Honolulu, Hawaii, uses the all-important role of imagination in restoring the world to the love of God and others. Here is a peak into Imagine.
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From Imagine Church

We live in a cultural moment where people are spiritual but not religious, open to God but over the church, giving up on organized religion but still searching for truth and desiring something real. Kaka’ako is a neighborhood that reflects this unique cultural moment and is creatively leading the way forward culturally, artistically, and socially here in Honolulu.
Kevin and Christine Sweeney are giving their lives to create a fresh expression of the faith—one that embraces the complexity of life, is unwilling to offer black and white answers in a world filled with color, is truly welcoming of all people, sees imagination as the key to the future, chooses authenticity over performance, substance over hype, and quality over quantity.
After receiving Masters Degrees in Theology and Intercultural Studies, Kevin is fascinated with and committed to creating environments for creativity, cultural innovation, social healing, communal cohesiveness, and personal transformation. As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Christine is passionate about healing, freedom, embracing possibilities, sharing stories, and living deeply into the moment. 
This new moment requires a new imagination grounded in the ancient way of Jesus and committed to creating the future, and Kevin and Christine feel prepared to live into this moment.

Imagine Church Planting

Every church plant is unique. The Apostle Paul’s epistles make it abundantly clear that every church has its own DNA. It can be useful to come alongside fellow church planters and church planting leaders to help you discover the beautiful, majestic, unique church God wants to reveal in your neighborhood or community. We are here to help you take your first or next steps in the church planting process as you imagine church right where you are.
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