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Church planting on your mind? You've come to the right place.


About V3 Church Planting Partnerships

Planting churches is one of the best things you can do for the growth of the body of Christ and the greater realization of God’s kingdom on earth. V3 exists to encourage and walk beside church planters so that you might be faithful, fruitful and movemental. We will help you develop a framework for planting and give you some practical tools, so that you can build a unique church based on your context, your team and your theology.
Whether you are exploring church planting for the first time or are an experienced church planter, V3 is here for you. You can get started by telling us a little bit about yourself, and where you are at in the church planting process by filling out this short questionnaire.

Click here for Church Planter Questionnaire



Learning cohorts (LC) are movement-oriented practicing communities designed for church planters. To be a part of V3, you need to apply to the Engaging Cohort (Year 1). In the LC’s you will engage in deep theological reflection and learn to use practical tools. LC’s are led by experienced coaches, involve peer mentoring and offer access to some of the leading missional practitioners and thought leaders. You will discover the grassroots work of movement by learning the eight competencies needed to plant neighborhood-rooted, discipleship-fueled, community-forming, missional-incarnational churches.



The live church planter assessment is a two-day assessment designed for church planter’s and their spouses (unless they are single). After applying to the engaging learning cohort (Yr 1) and getting accepted, the second step is to determine which live assessment you will attend. The assessment center is designed to discern your readiness to plant by examining your character and competencies. There are four possible results: Recommended, recommended with conditions, recommended with strong conditions, or cautioned. We work with multiply group when it comes to assessments.



Those who successfully complete the first two steps, are eligible to apply for a Grant. Three other requirements to apply for a grant include becoming a part of the BGAV, having a missional community of at least 30 people (up to ten children), and having only 2 excused absences to the learning cohort per semester. Part of the Grant can be used for meeting space, equipment and other concrete expenses. A smaller part of the grant can be use for assisting with the salary and benefits package of the lead church planter(s). Grants are distributed based on documentation of need, availability of funds and the volume of requests.