Think You'd Make a Good Church Planter? Meet one of ours.

The V3 Movement is always looking for Church Planters who want to be a part of a growing missional tribe.
Do you think that could be you?
Our Planters come from a variety of backgrounds. The churches they plant will be vastly different based on their missional context and God’s guidance. They share a passion to make disciples who plant churches who launch movements.
Anyone interested in planting with V3 begins with participating in a Learning Cohort, as well as a Church Planter’s assessment. If both parties decide it is a good fit, then they move forward with further opportunities such as grants.
Ed Choy is currently participating in a V3 Learning Cohort in order to pursue planting a church with V3. This interview is just one example of the type of leaders God is bringing together to spread this movement.
V3—Tell us about yourself, Ed.
I am a follower of Jesus, husband, father, pastor, and church planter. I’m an avid reader, learner, Redskins fan and fitness junkie. I’m 38 years old, have been married for 13 years, and we have three boys (10,8,6).
We’re a big time football family, two older boys are playing and the youngest will play next year (tackle of course!), and I coach my middle son’s team (would love to be a head coach in the next few years). And of course we bleed Burgundy and Gold.
I’ve been pastoring in two Chinese churches the last 12 years as youth or english pastor.
4 years ago I started a DMin via DTS with an emphasis on church planting. My heart was majorly stirred and I knew we had to be part of church planting.
My wife and I love fitness and run/bike/work out as much as time allows. We’ve run a 10 mile race together, I’ve done a half marathon, want to run a full in the next two years or so, as time allows.
V3—Why are you planting a church?
After taking the course from Aubrey Malphurs in 2010 there just isn’t anything else I can imagine doing. Seems like the most effective way to do something new, reach un-churched people, and see God’s kingdom expand, as opposed to just adding people to declining and dying existing churches.
V3—Why did you decide to partner with V3?
I met with a bunch of other networks and denominations. They were mostly wonderful people and opportunities. The guys with V3 seems to be the best fit.
JR Woodward was not pushing a model. He has a genuine servant’s heart, is available and so approachable. We met Tim Catchim and Dan White, Jr. and knew this was the place we fit.
We also love the two year cohort. Since we’re coming out of a church without a real home base, we thought the cohort would provide a lot of the needed support.
V3—Tell us about where you hope to plant
We’re hoping to meet publicly at the theater at the RIO in Gaithersburg, MD. Our target is Gaithersburg, MD and the surrounding area.
V3—What are you most excited about and most afraid of in regard to church planting?
We are most excited to launch new DNA across the board, from leaders, meeting, small groups, mission, music, etc. We are excited to reach, bless, equip and encourage people who are far from God to draw closer and closer with every step.
We are most afraid of starting with some of the “wrong people.” God can work through all types, but we are praying specifically for people who match our culture and want to participate. I’m sure my leadership will be tested and formed a lot!
There’s also the scary thought that we might fail!
V3—How can we pray for you?
There are three ways. Pray that we walk daily with Jesus and keep in step with the Spirit. Pray that I can be a loving husband and a daddy that’s worth following. Pray that God provides an AWESOME team to be forming to launch Restoration Church!
You can follow more of Ed’s story on his blog.
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