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About V3 Assessments

Assessments help answer the question, “Has God called and prepared me to lead a church plant right now?” Besides training and coaching, assessments have helped to increase the percentage of successful church plants. While everyone can be a part of a church plant, not everyone has been designed to lead a plant. Assessments help you as the planter take an honest inventory of your character and competencies as it relates to church planting. It also gives us an understanding of how to best walk with you, and what ought to be your next step. We partner with Multiply Group when it comes to assessments. In order to be eligible for a grant, you must first go through a two-day live assessment:




V3 works with multiply group which provides a two-day, in-person assessment. This assessment is designed to help you (and your spouse, if applicable) discern your call and see if you have the basic competencies needed to plant a church. This assessment is based multiple sources of data, including references, your application, interviews with a professional counselor, marriage counselor, experienced communicator, business leader, experienced church planter and experienced church planters spouse, as well as face a battery of challenging exercises and develop a personal growth plan.  There are four possible results: Ready, ready with conditions, further development needed, highly cautioned. These assessments take place at various times of the year in different cities in North America. Contact us if you have an interest letting us know the place and date of the assessment you desire to attend.

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