Sustainable Missional Church Planting Through Support Raising

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Planting a missional church is a calling rooted in faith and vision. It’s about believing that the good news of Jesus is often experienced through presence, reaching people where they are, demonstrating God’s love, and creating a faith community living that out in a particular place.

However, embarking on this journey can be both exhilarating and challenging, particularly when it comes to financial sustainability. Many church planters find themselves navigating uncertain financial waters, especially as their ministry of presence through church planting is a journey of faith and unknown realities.

The Challenge of Sustaining a Missional Church Plant

You know this, but a “traditional” church model that relies on congregational giving and tithes takes significant time to develop, even IF it is possible in the communities where missional church plants often find themselves. Meals around a table, community development initiatives, or conversations from the barber’s chair are crucial for Jesus being made known. Yet, it gets weird in those places when you start to pass an offering plate or use a giving widget.

Many church planters are passionate about reaching their communities and making a difference but find themselves juggling multiple roles. They become pastors, administrators, and fundraisers, alongside any other roles they may pick up to make ends meet. Balancing their calling with practical needs for themselves or their family can be a challenging endeavor. The pursuit of sustaining funds can consume precious time and energy, diverting attention from aspects of their mission that brought them to this place.

(Caveat: Nothing in this post not intends to exclude co-vocation. The person writing this is themselves a co-vocational pastor. There are seasons for discerning different things, and this blog serves as an invitation to consider a way of support raising, not to advocate for it over any other approach.)

The Value of Support-Based Missions

This is one of the gifts of becoming a support-based missional church planter. Just like classic missionaries who enter a context and ask, “What does it mean to live out the good news of Jesus here?” you have the support you need to truly live that question. Support-based missional living offers you a team of committed individuals who stand with you, pray for you, and provide the necessary resources to sustain the missional work you are discerning with God.

The Communion of Believers

One of the most significant benefits of support-based missional work is the deep sense of community and communion that it fosters. When you have a team of people standing alongside you, you’re not on this journey alone. Support-based church planters have a network of partners who are equally invested in the mission’s success. The shared vision, shared prayer life, and often the few that feel compelled to physically join you, all become powerful elements in your journey.

These are individuals and families committed to your mission’s success. You can rely on them not only for financial support but also for prayer, encouragement, and accountability. It’s a journey where you grow together and share the joys of the mission.

More Time for Presence in Your Context

Being sustainably funded as a missional church planter provides a precious gift: time. Time to be present in the spaces where you’re called to serve, with no agenda other than to embody the love and teachings of Jesus. When your needs are met and you have the support required to pursue the mission, you can be fully engaged in the work God is doing.

You have the time to be present in both new and regular spaces, forming connections that create meaningful transformation within your ministry. You have more space to engage with people’s lives, listen to their stories, and share the love and hope that Christ offers.

How Reliant Can Assist Your Missional Journey

If you are a church planter seeking sustainable funding and support for your mission, we can help. At Reliant, we specialize in helping missional church planters just like you. We offer the support raising training and coaching you need, along with all your logistical employment services, allowing you to focus on your mission while we handle the details.

The heart of our support is our commitment to seeing Jesus made known. Whatever it is that God has placed on your heart for your context, we want to help serve that through serving you.

If you’re ready to embrace this journey of missional church planting with sustainable support, we’re here to partner with you. The support-based model provides a pathway to transform your vision into a reality, allowing you to focus on the ministry’s core aspects. Let Reliant assist you in your journey to create a thriving faith community, reach people in need, and embody the teachings of Jesus.

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