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The V3 Movement is hiring a Movement Leader Executive to add to our V3 Movement Leader Team.

The Role

This role will work in shared leadership with the existing Movement Leaders to oversee the future
health and growth of The V3 Movement, with a specific focus on the areas of staff organization, future
ideation, event coordination, and financial sustainability. There is an expectation of 20-26 hours of
work a week, primarily remote, with a negotiable salary.


Staff Organization

  • Oversee the health and productivity of the V3 staff
  • Coordinate internal communication between staff on collaborative projects
  • Host regular meetings with various staff helping to think through their distinct work and initiatives
  • Strategize how operational systems support the movement goals, elevating team needs and critical topics for team discussion
  • Support Explorer, Participator, and Contributor teams with regards to processes, systems, and operations that support organizational strategy
  • Plan and participate in annual Staff Summit

Future Ideation

  • Discern and decide how to continue to grow the movement of V3
  • Help develop V3’s decentralized ecosystem
  • Network with organizations and individuals for the sustainability of V3
  • Recruit planters, pastors, and entrepreneurs into V3’s cohort training
  • Write and speak on behalf of The V3 Movement
  • Host a monthly podcast with JR Woodward on “reconstructing church”
  • Participate in annual Movement Leader retreat for brainstorming
  • Work with existing Movement Leaders to develop a third year cohort curriculum and training

Event Coordination

  • Work with a team to organize the annual Praxis Gathering
  • Organize logistics–including securing a location and accommodation contracts–and provide in-person or online day-of organization for the following events:
    • Learning Cohort Intensive
    • Re:Fresh Retreat, Scottsdale, AZ
    • Praxis Gathering 2023, Chicago, IL

Financial Stability

  • Work with existing Movement Leaders to envision financial stability and independence for V3
  • Help execute the financial fundraising plan
  • Assist in building financially beneficial partnerships


  • MA or MDiv in Theology, Church Planting, or Leadership
  • 5+ years church planting experience
  • 10+ years Executive Leadership experience in a denomination or theological institution
  • Familiarity, expertise, and experience in Fivefold/Polycentric Leadership
  • Human Resources and hiring experience with a team larger than 10
  • Curriculum development experience
  • Fundraising experience
  • Missional and Movement Intelligence
  • Familiarity with Adaptive and Organizational Leadership

About Us

The V3 Movement is a grassroots church planting organization utilizing competency-based training
and peer formation to help church planters, pastors, and marketplace leaders imagine new,
missional-incarnational ways of being the Church. Through monthly webinars, 4-6 week Immersions,
and 30-week learning cohorts, we equip planters and practitioners to start and sustain communities
with a grounded spirituality, missional theology, and movement ecclesiology.

To Apply

If you are interested in this role, please email Dan White, Jr at for an
application. If your application meets the qualifications and is considered to be a possible fit for our
organization, then we will move forward in the process and schedule an interview.

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