Communities on Mission Immersion

A 5-week Praxis Immersion on Multiplying Sent Communities w/ JR Woodward & Eun Strawser

About This Immersion

Not all missional communities are created equal. Just because we label something missional, doesn’t make it missional. While each missional community is unique, shaped by a distinct team and context, there are key elements that are necessary if a community is going to become a community on mission. Join us for this five-week immersion to learn how to be a community on mission that can reach her full missional potential, leading to movement possibilities.

During this Praxis Immersion, we will

  • Identify both the identity and motivation for being a sent people
  • Implement practical templates for shaping social space for mission
  • Discover key ways to connect personal space to social space for communities on mission together
  • Utilize practical ways to build bridges for multiplication for sent communities
  • Organize your church community to anticipate growth and change for sent communities to become a movement

The Flow (Thurs, 4-5pm EDT, June 3-July 1, 2021):*

Week 1: Being a SENT Community: the identity and motivation for communities on mission

Week 2: Living as a SENT Community: templates of social space for mission

Week 3: Equipping SENT Disciples: tethering personal space to social space

Week 4: Multiplying SENT Communities: building bridges for new social spaces

Week 5: SENT to Start Movement: anticipating growth and change and assessing loss and gain*RECORDINGS: With your ticket, you will receive the recordings of each session in case you are unable to attend.

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