Healthy Practices for Kingdom Leaders

Leading in the way of Jesus is beautiful and incredibly vulnerable. 

We experience both joy and despair, fulfillment and loss, growth and disillusionment. Emotional cuts and bruises are inevitable, yet few of us know how to practice a spirituality that identifies, receives, and heals our pain. We need practices that anchor us in the love of God so hearts do not harden and our pain does not morph into resentment and bitterness. Emotionally healthy practices help us care for our own souls and lead from a deep empathy.

Join Evette Alexander, Matt Alexander & Lori Ruffin Thursday March 21 @ 12 PM EST for our March free webinar as we explore five emotionally healthy practices that help us stay present to the Spirit, honest about our emotions, and attentive to the pain of others.

Evette Alexander is a Director of Learning and Impact for the Knight Foundation and received spiritual direction training from Centerquest School of Spiritual Direction (California). Evette seeks to help others encounter God in the fabric of daily life. your text in this area

Matt Alexander is the co-founder and Lead Pastor of Rhythm, a network of Missional Churches scattered throughout Miami, FL, and a church planting coach and writer with the V3 Church Planting Movement. Matt is married to Evette and they enjoy life with their 3-year old daughter Emery and an extremely fluffy cat, Jada.

Lori M. Ruffin is an upbeat strategic thinker. Fueled by a passion to help individuals and organizations fulfill their God-given purpose, she is the Operations Manager for the V3 Movement and the Founder of The COO Team, a virtual operations agency for nonprofits and small businesses. She enjoys helping others cultivate their relationship with God, songwriting and singing. She lives in Richmond, Va., with her husband and daughter. 
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