Re-Imagining Leadership with Joshua Grace

We are thrilled to be meeting together in Philadelphia this week for The Praxis Gathering! We look forward to Re-Imagining Leadership as we explore soul-healthy leadership, men & women leading together, multicultural leadership, vulnerable leadership, and 5-fold leadership with some of the best on-the-ground church planters and practitioners from across the country. Joshua Grace is one among these, who will who will awaken us to the possibilities for lighting a path ahead to soul-healthy leadership in our churches.

Meet Joshua Grace

Joshua began serving as pastor in 2004 at Circle of Hope in Philadelphia. After studying music at Drexel and African American Studies at Temple University, he earned his MA in Intercultural Studies through the North American Institute for Indigenous Theological Studies (NAIITS) and Portland Seminary. Joshua leads the Debt Annihilation Team and Circle of Hope Audio Art, is a member of Circle Mobilizing Because Black Lives Matter, and often leads in justice actions and worship. Joshua loves baseball, gardening, and uses a lot of metaphor. He lives in Kensington with his wife Martha and their two teenage daughters.
Joshua will present this powerful workshop at the gathering:
Replacing Our Dominant Leadership Narratives
Imagine you have ties to two villages. One describes life through stories of competition, conflict, and the hope of eventual sameness. The other describes life through stories of cooperation, healing, and hope of mutuality. We’ll look at Jesus and generate ways of replacing our narratives of competition with those of mutual aid, compassion, and cooperation.

Find Joshua online:

Twitter: @sonnymandrake
His blog: GHOST RIDE THE WHIP!: adventures in letting go

See You This Week!

You still have time to register and catch a train, plane or bus to Praxis! Join us in Philadelphia this week, you will be glad you did.
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