The V3 Movement Partners with The Voices Conference

WE NEED A UNITED VOICE. One that understands from experience, the plight of communities of color and seeks to channel that understanding to make lasting positive change. The Voices Conference experience is created by leaders of color for leaders of color. The marginalized and isolated need a space for collaboration and communal support. V3 is delighted to sponsor The Voices Conference to commission and encourage leaders of color in a way that gives voice to their own history and experiences.

The Voices Conference is a two-day event providing leadership development for leaders of color. The Voices Conference hopes to influence culture through training and promoting leaders of color.

FROM MAY 4-5, 2018

There is still time to register for this valuable time here.
Our very own JR Woodward and Dan White Jr will be there, if you are too, we hope you’ll say “hi!”. We’d love to meet you.

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