Kairos Community Pastor Noah Stepro on V3 Learning Cohorts

The V3 Movement is a communal movement. As such, we are excited to bring you personal interviews with other church planters who love what is happening in the church today, are engaging it in a fruitful manner, and are utilizing V3 Learning Cohorts to help ground themselves and their missions in the communal reality of church planting.
Discover how being a part of a relationally-based leadership cohort helps these fruitful church planters. 
[Tweet “Be a shepherded shepherd. http://thev3movement.org/learning-cohorts/”] Today, we hear from Noah Stepro. Noah is one of the pastors of Kairos Community in a corner of LA County.

Hi, Noah. Tell us a little about yourself, especially your hobbies and interests.

I was born in 1981—that weird year that doesn’t fit in with Gen Xers or Millennials. I am married to an awesome, beautiful, competitive lady named Jamie. She is our pastor over worship, liturgy and art. We have four children: Clover (7), Paisley (5), Ember (3), and Soren (1).
I used to enjoy all kinds of hippie things like making music, tinkering with my VW bus and pondering the questions of the universe, but as I’ve moved into my 30s, I’ve found I mostly enjoy strategy games, organizing and cooking. When did I become so boring?

Where are you planting your church?

Kairos Community is in my hometown of Lancaster, California. That’s in the Antelope Valley, in Los Angeles County.

What are some of the unique aspects of Kairos Community?

We planted Kairos Community several years ago with the desire to be as un-institutional as possible and to have a church that feels and functions like a family—a family with a purpose and mission. We have a robust team of leadership. That team leads our greater congregation, which is as a network of neighborhood churches. We currently have four neighborhood churches spread across our valley and are hoping to plant more in the next several months.

Why did you decide to participate in a V3 Cohort?

I really appreciated the deep crafting of spiritual leadership that V3 attends to. There are lots of programs out there that give you tools to accomplish a goal, but very few opportunities are present for us to be shaped more like Christ at an inner level.

What has been your favorite moment of the cohort so far?

My favorite moment was probably at the Praxis gathering when a bunch of us went out one night and got to just share stories of what we’re doing together. Those are the moments when this type of thing feels like more than a program.

How has the cohort experience shaped your perspective on what it means to be the church?

As a pastor, I don’t have a lot of opportunity to process what’s going on in my life and in my leadership. I think that the opportunity to have a coach asking probing questions, giving spirit-led encouragement and challenging me Biblically has helped me immensely.

What excites you about the future regarding Kairos Community and the V3 Tribe?

I’m excited to help other church planters connect with the V3 family.
Follow Noah on Twitter @NoahStepro and read his blog here. Support Kairos Community here.
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