This is why one Church Planter no longer feels alone

Justin Fung is an Associate Pastor at the young and thriving District Church in Washington, D.C. He recently participated in a V3 Movement Learning Cohort.
We asked him to share about his experience.
V3: Why did you choose to participate in a V3 cohort?
JF: When it comes to starting a new church, I knew I was way over my head. I need all the help I could get from people who’d gone before!
V3: How has the cohort experience affected your ministry?
JF: It has provided new material to chew on and a place to process through it before we apply it to our context. It’s also helped build some encouraging connections within this movement.
V3: What is one essential lesson you’ve learned from this opportunity?
JF: It’s great to know that we’re not alone in this movement — both the joys and the struggles.
V3: What would you say to someone who is considering joining a V3 cohort?
JF: It’s a great experience and a wonderful opportunity to build relationships.
Church planting is hard no matter what. It has been hard for us because when we sometimes feel like we are on our own and no one else understands our what we’re doing.
Even if the material is not immediately relevant to your situation or context it is important to hear where others are in their journey. It has helped me become a better and more rounded planter.
If you are considering being a part of a V3 Cohort, I would encourage you to go for it!
You can learn more about Justin at his blog or at the website for The District Church.
Registration ends June 2. Sign up for a V3 Learning Cohort today! Image Credit

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