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  • For Your Grandma’s Church, Too

    By Josh Hayden, Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church of Ashland, Virginia Sometimes a resource is so helpful it transcends the category it was created for and ends up changing the entire conversation. Church as Movement is a resource that does just that—it broadens the scope of church planting to a growing movement that focuses on discipleship, the mission of God,

  • Free Webinar: Creating Missional Communities, with JR Woodward & John Poitevent

    “The church cannot storm the gates of hell by gathering around consumer needs. A shared life and the shared story that Jesus is King are its rallying points.” –The Church as Movement Missional and community are two buzz words being used quite a bit in the church world these days. But what do they really mean, and how do they work together? In

  • Stillness in a Time of Transition

    We are living in a challenging season. Since the inauguration of a new president, civil discord and angry protests have had many of us oscillating between despair and hope. In the midst of venting our strong feelings we lose the ability to listen to each other, and we increase the conflict and the divide between us. Hope so easily gives

  • Phillip Yancey: Church Planters as Artists and Culture Shapers

    Philip Yancey will be speaking on “Church Planters as Artists and Culture Shapers,” followed by a panel discussion with Mako Fujimura and Sam Theophylus, pastor and planter of Beautiful Gate LA. You can participate at the Fuller Pasadena campus or by BlueJeans videoconferencing. The event is free for Fuller students, $5 for church planters, and $10 for others. A videoconferencing option

  • 4 Ways to Stop the Cycle of Non-discipleship

    The beginning of planting our first church was a time of passionate vision, excitement about possibilities and anticipation about what God would do through our emerging community. Dallas Willard’s quote about the church and discipleship stirred our hearts: We must be disciples, we must intend to make disciples, and we must know how to bring people to believe that Jesus really is