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  • Thanksgiving: Not Just For Thanksgiving Anymore

    I love Thanksgiving. Ask anyone who knows me. I have even been known to celebrate it multiple times a year. Because of my passion for T-day people usually assume that my favorite food is turkey or mashed potatoes. Well, I like pumpkin pie as much as the next gal but that is not why I am a Thanksgiving evangelist. It

  • When Dating Becomes Pastoral Care: Three Stories from the Trenches

    It’s been a little over 6 months since my blog post, Single White Female Pastor, and just over a year since I started this online dating thing. I wrote that original post because in today’s Christian culture there seems to be an unwritten bias that the married life is more important, valued, and desired than the single life. The response

  • Six Tips for Recovering the Awe and Wonder of the Holidays

    We are heading into what for many church planters is the busiest time of the year. Halloween, All Saints Day, Thanksgiving, Advent and Christmas are almost here. What is meant to be an exciting celebration of the awe and wonder of Christ’s coming in human form to dwell amongst us, has instead become a season of overwork, exhaustion, and burn

  • Is Your Church Plant Just a Celebrity Fan Club?

    To be a church planter, you need to have vision to see something that doesn’t exist yet. You also need to organize your life around the goal of seeing that vision become a reality. There are a million temptations along the way, mostly having to do with trying to take control of the process, attempting to make things happen instead

  • How V3 Supports Women Planting Churches

    A toxic approach to gender is having tangible effects on our culture. Recently, we’ve seen Hollywood shaken by a widespread and ignored sexual assault scandal. Some voices are pointing out that this problem will never go away as long as men hold the primary places of power as producers, studio executives and directors. It would be naïve to think this