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  • 5 Steps for Creating a Discipleship Pathway

    Here in upstate NY we have this beautiful region for climbing called “The Gunks”. The Gunks come to mind when considering discipleship. They are one of America’s premier climbing areas. It’s just minutes from New Paltz, a funky college town, and 85 miles from New York City. Climbing here is characterized by huge rock roofs that shoot over the trails,

  • The V3 Movement Partners with the Inhabit Conference

    At the V3 Church Planting Movement we get the question all the time “Why do we need to plant more churches?” It is a valid question. Certainly in most cities we can see a church edifice every couple miles and in some cities every few blocks. It might appear we don’t need any new churches. Additionally, the church currently does

  • Beyond Colorblind

    I sat down for lunch with a young woman from my church the other day. She’s a Sociology major with a growing heart for justice. As she shared with me about her classes this quarter she articulated a frustration that I think many feel. She had been learning about racial inequality, systemic injustice and ethnic brokenness and it was breaking

  • How Do You Decide Where to Plant a Church?

    Many future church planters ask, “where’s the best place to plant a church?” The most brilliant response? “It all depends.” Are you looking for the places with the fewest number of churches, the fastest growing, the most millennials, the largest retirement villages, the best college towns, the largest Asian population, the densest, walkable communities… or something else? This entry is

  • Christian “Tweeners” in the Shifting Story of the Church

    “Cats Cradle,” it’s called, a kids game using a piece of string tied together to make figures with your hands.  It’s hard to describe. To (literally) grasp the fun, you have to try it for yourself. I introduced Cat’s Cradle to my 9 year old daughter recently as she characterized her perplexing experience of recess in the 4th grade. “We