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  • The End of Tradition

    It’s tempting as church planters and leaders with passion, vision and commitment to want to take control, get things moving and push our agendas forward according to our systems and to tradition. But I recently re-watched the film, Whale Rider and was reminded of the power, beauty and effectiveness of a contrarian way. Koro, the aging chief, is relentless in

  • A Movemental Church Planting Community

    As you all know, here at the V3 Movement we are deeply passionate about helping men and women plant churches that reflect the viral, grassroots work of movement. We are not interested in merely starting new worship services; we want to join God in seeding Jesus-centered communities and serve those who plant those communities with resources that make the church

  • How to Spot an Immature Pastor and What To Do About It

    “How to Spot an Immature Pastor” is the fourth in a series of five articles on recognizing immaturity in fivefold ministry and what to do about it. If you have no idea what fivefold ministry is, check out Alan Hirsch’s brief descriptions here, or JR Woodward’s video introduction here. If you’ve ever planted a missional church, you know it isn’t exactly a walk

  • Praxis Gathering ’16: Shaping Disciples for Movement: David Fitch

    Discipleship is a lost love in our culture of “Go Big or Go Home.” At Praxis Gathering 2016, however, we will gather to recover the act and art of discipleship. This unique, annual church planting experience combines real-time practice with rich theology and deep reflection. Participants of all backgrounds, denominations and ecclesial styles will join together to plummet deep into the

  • A First-Time Church Planter Not Going It Alone

    One of the main ways we are building a movement here at V3 is through our learning cohorts. Because we are a communal movement, we’re glad to bring you more personal interviews with other church planters who love what is happening in the church today, are engaging it in a fruitful manner, and are utilizing V3 Learning Cohorts to ground