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  • 3 Things To Do Instead of Looking for a Church Plant Core Team

    One of the most common questions I get is “where did you find people to come help you plant a church?” “How did you find people for your team?” Today, after over 2o years of ministry and 10 years of church planting, I believe there is a systemic problem that can arise from these types of questions. Parachuting in to

  • Want to Learn About Church Planting? Apply for this Apprenticeship.

    Grace Capital City began as just a handful of people gathered in a living room has continued to grow into a strong, diverse group of men and women who are committed to seeing the good news of Jesus Christ shared in ever corner of our city. Now, GCC wants to pass on what they’ve learned. Grace Capital City Apprenticeship 2018

  • Stay? Go? A Better Question When Church Planting Gets Tough

    “Would you stay in the neighborhood if the church plant fails?” Bryan Stabb’s recent post on church planting success and failure rightly deconstructs common pitfalls concerning unreasonable and unhealthy expectations associated with church planting. An aspiring church planting hero who moved to a city, bought a house, rooted himself in a neighborhood, and picked out his and his wife’s burial

  • Santa’s Trick or Treat: Discipleship in the Smart Toy Era

    In the few days after Christmas, we’ve seen families in new church plants here in Seattle realize they have given their kids new tech toys not realizing these toys are often not a “treat” but a “trick.” Smart Toys and Secrets For example, in a recent report on NPR, a new talking doll called Cayla has some serious issues and

  • Christmas Isn’t Over Yet

    Now that Christmas Day is over many of us feel let down because the day we have been anticipating for so long has passed. The malls strip their elaborate decorations and junk their remaining Christmas stocks with huge 50-70% off sales. Christmas wreaths and trees are thrown out for the garbage collectors and our frenzied activities give way to a low grade