Re-Missioning Your Established Church Immersion

A 4-week Immersion in How to Awaken Your Existing Church to the Missional Impulse of God w/ Josh Hayden and Christy Foldenauer

About this Immersion

Many churches in the United States have either stopped growing or are in decline. Yet, what is more concerning is the drift away from following Christ deeper into their local places on mission. Many of know the church, their own church, is in need of revitalization, but find themselves challenged in how to help their church make this transition without blowing it up. We want to guide you in the holy and hard work of Re-Missioning your established church. Do you want to re-calibrate your church around missional presence? Do you face old policies and outdated procedures that prevent this? Do you long to honor the past while innovating towards the future?

The Flow (Tues @ Noon on 11/17, 12/1, 12/8, 12/15):*

  • Week 1: CREATIVE DESTRUCTION – Learning how to put the narrative of life, death, and resurrection into real-time practice in yourself and your congregation.
  • Week 2: TRADITIONED INNOVATION – Holding the past and future in creative tension and learning to live more fulling in the present activity of God.
  • Week 3: DISCIPLESHIP PATHWAY – Moving beyond small groups or Bible studies to creating discipleship pathways that deconstruct and reconstruct for movement.
  • Week 4: REMISSIONING LEADERSHIP – Discovery a practice of leadership that models a cross-formed posture for the sake of opening up space for the flourishing of their community.

*RECORDINGS: With your ticket, you will receive the recordings of each session in case you are unable to attend.

The Coaches

Josh Hayden is the Senior Pastor at First Baptist Church in Ashland, VA. Josh studied leadership and organizational change while writing Creative Destruction: Towards a Theology of Institutions to receive his Doctor of Ministry at Duke Divinity School. He’s also the author of Sacred Hope, a book designed to foster conversation about the role of hope in our lives. Josh is the Director of Re-missioning with the V3 Movement.

Christy Foldenauer is the Senior Pastor at Tomahawk Baptist Church. She is a leader and communicator with seventeen years of ministry experience. Gifted in bringing theological concepts into everyday life using creativity, word pictures and metaphors in a way that helps people connect in a meaningful way with Scripture. With over a decade of crafting strategies to cultivate small group communities across various church cultures she has a passion for discipleship. She has cultivated the ability to recruit and develop leaders for crucial ministry roles as a means of engaging them in mission. She is a lover of the Bible and discipleship with a shepherd’s heart. She is helping Re-mission the church as a Coach with the V3 Movement.

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