The Decentralized Shift Immersion

A 5-week Immersion for re-imagining and restructuring your mid-size or mega church toward decentralized gatherings w/ Dan White Jr & friends

About this Immersion

A global pandemic has disrupted the Church, there is no denying it—it feels apocalyptic. Many Churches are not sure when or how to gather their people without putting them in harms way. So what are the real possibilities? Explore for 5-weeks how this might be a powerful moment to dive into decentralization. Whether a short-term move or a long-term one, there are tried and true practices for decentralizing your Church without killing it. Join Dan White Jr. and a cohort of other ministry leaders from across the country as we unpack, as practically as we can, how to meet this moment with clarity and creativity.

The Flow (Tues, Aug 18th – Sept 15th):*

  • Week 1: DECENTRALIZING GATHERING: Shifting from a centralized framework to a decentralized one. How do we organize outside church walls? What does success look like? What best practices create sustainability? What push back might you experience? How might we cast vision for movement rather than mere survival?
  • Week 2: DISPERSING LEADERSHIP: Shifting from a consolidated structure to a dispersed one. How do we rally, equip, and release leaders to lead missional-micro-house communities? What competencies do they need? What functional roles are needed for fruitfulness? What support will they require?
  • Week 3: DISTRIBUTING RESOURCES: Shifting from a guarded system to a generous one. How do we resource worship and liturgy? Where does preaching/teaching take place? Can technology support a distributed approach? How might our existing building serve the cause? How do we create flexible yet foundational resources?
  • Week 4: DEVELOPING DISCIPLESHIP PATHS: Shifting from information-based learning to immersive-based discipleship. How might we unleash doable, accessible, missional discipleship paths during a pandemic? What kind of tangible and scale-able tools are needed? How can discipleship be the diesel engine for a decentralized movement?
  • Week 5: DESIGNING A NETWORK: Shifting from individual house churches to an interdependent local movement. When does connection occur? What does accountability look like across communities? How does a coaching structure operate? How do we seek unity without uniformity?

*RECORDINGS: With your ticket, you will receive the recordings of each session in case you are unable to attend.

The Coaches

Dan White Jr. is a full-time consultant and coach with the V3 Movement, coaching cohorts from around the country through a 9-month system for movement and mission. V3 has coached 300 faith communities in the last 8 years with the compelling commitments of life-forming discipleship, boundary-crossing mission, locally-rooted presence, and tight-knit community.He co-founded The Praxis Gathering: A Yearly Conference for Innovation and Immersion in Discipleship.

Dan has written 4 books Love Over Fear: Facing Monsters, Befriending Enemies, & Healing Our Polarized World (Moody Pub 2019) Subterranean (Cascade 2015) and co-authored the award winning The Church as Movement (InterVarsity Press 2017). He has recently published The Act of Dialogical Preaching (ebook 2020) Dan is married to Tonya (22 yrs), dad to Daniel and Ari, and can be found enjoying conversations at his local neighborhood coffee shop. Connect @

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