Dialogical Preaching Immersion

A 4-week Immersion in how to bring together both declarative and interactive elements in the act and art of preaching w/ Dan White Jr.

About this Immersion

Covid-19 has disrupted the Church and especially the act of preaching. Many Pastors found themselves struggling to deliver a sermon that connected with people watching from the comfort of their homes. Is there another way? We need to rethink the one-way monological sermon. Is it transformative? Is it making disciples or spectators? These question lead us to explore how to include community and conversation in our preaching.

Let’s move beyond the myths that it will be chaos or “truth by democracy.” We will tangibly unpack how to implement both proclamation and interaction during the worship service whether your church is 10 or 1000 people.

The Flow (Tues, Aug 4th – Aug 25th):*

  • Week 1: TIMING FOR CONVERSATION & PROCLAMATION – What is dialogical preaching? Why now? Excavate the rooted but relevant preaching-style of Jesus, the early church modus-operandi, and the interactive longings of our current generation.
  • Week 2: CREATING SUSPENSE IN THE MOMENT- To transition to dialogical preaching you must tap into the moment of tension. Learn to create an early spark of wonderment, curiosity, or even a bit of irritation in the spirit of “those who have ears to hear.” You will be introduced to the 4 Dialogical Moves.
  • Week 3: DISCOVERING CURATION WITHOUT CHAOS – When it’s time to talk will it go off the rails? Establish a reproducible, re-orienting, re-assuring framework that makes space for something new to occur in your congregation.
  • Week 4: PROCLAIMING FOR COMMUNAL BREAKTHROUGHS – How do I know if it’s working? We must set the expectations, scribe the moments, capture the conversations, and remember the commitments.

*RECORDINGS: With your ticket, you will receive the recordings of each session in case you are unable to attend.

The Coaches

Dan White Jr. is a full-time consultant and coach with the V3 Movement, coaching cohorts from around the country through a 9-month system for movement and mission. V3 has coached 300 faith communities in the last 8 years with the compelling commitments of life-forming discipleship, boundary-crossing mission, locally-rooted presence, and tight-knit community.He co-founded The Praxis Gathering: A Yearly Conference for Innovation and Immersion in Discipleship.

Dan has written 4 books Love Over Fear: Facing Monsters, Befriending Enemies, & Healing Our Polarized World (Moody Pub 2019) Subterranean (Cascade 2015) and co-authored the award winning The Church as Movement (InterVarsity Press 2017). He has recently published The Act of Dialogical Preaching (ebook 2020) Dan is married to Tonya (22 yrs), dad to Daniel and Ari, and can be found enjoying conversations at his local neighborhood coffee shop. Connect @ danwhitejr.com

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