Soul-Care for Leaders Immersion

A 5-week Immersion in how to cultivate a healthy soul and craft a rule and rhythm of life w/ Matt Alexander and Keisha Polonio

About this Immersion

The challenges and costs of leading others in the way of Jesus are high. Ministry life and leadership can be perilous. Leading others in the way of Jesus is beautiful, messy, painful work. Pastors, church-planters, and ministry leaders consistently face the on-going temptation to care for the lives and hearts of everyone else while neglecting themselves. In this 5-week Immersion, we will dive into the habits, hurdles, and hope of soul care in ministry leadership.

The Flow (Thurs, July 30th – Aug, 20th):*

  • Week 1: YOU ARE A SOUL – From Compartmentalism to Integration
  • Week 2: THE COUNTER-INTUITIVE DISCIPLE – From Avoidance to Attentiveness
  • Week 3: THE SOUL UNDER PRESSURE – From Self-ignorance to Self-understanding
  • Week 4: SACRED COMPANIONS – From Isolation to Companionship
  • Week 5: CRAFTING A RULE AND RHYTHM – Landing weekly and monthly habits that care for the soul.

*RECORDINGS: With your ticket, you will receive the recordings of each session in case you are unable to attend.

The Coaches

Matt Alexander (Presenter) has planted, pastored, and led in urban, suburban, and rural churches over the past 15+ years, including a missional church in Miami, FL called Rhythm. Currently Matt serves as a church planting coach with the V3 Movement, coaching cohorts through an 18-month missional training system. Matt, Evette, and Emery live in sunny Miami and love to drink coffee, go on outdoor adventures, and kayak around the mangroves.

Keisha Polonio (Facilitator) has worked in diverse leadership roles that have served some of her communities’ most vulnerable individuals. She is a certified growth coach, speaker and missionary. She has served as a trainer and mentor to missional leaders with the Tampa Underground Network. And now is the Co-Founder of Roots and Branches, a ministry specifically committed to training leaders of color to cultivate a deeper understanding of their ethnic and cultural identity.

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