Praxis 2019 Partner: Missio Seminary

The Praxis Gathering joins a number of key partners providing resources and opportunities benefiting missional church planters and practitioners. One such partner is Missio Seminary

Missio Seminary (formerly Biblical Theological Seminary) believes theology is applicable beyond the classroom and is best realized when it is embodied in the context of people, places, and the messiness of life and culture. Our biblical training is practical and contextual, preparing leaders to serve God in today’s fast-paced and ever changing world. Now located in the heart of Philadelphia, we combine theology with practical ministry training to serve those in our city and around the world.

If you live outside the Philadelphia region, Missio is launching a new Online MA in Missional Ministry beginning in the fall 2020. Online classes will be synchronous (live-streamed).

We are missional leaders who provide:

  • a practical and flexible program (1 night week, 1 Saturday a month)
  • diverse faculty, staff, and students
  • entire programs built on Missional Theology
  • a central urban location in the heart of Philadelphia (421 N. 7th St. Philadelphia, PA)

Visit or contact us at to learn more about Missio Seminary.

Join us at The Praxis Gathering!

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