Healing Our Polarized Church

V3 is thrilled to host our next free webinar “Healing Our Polarized Church” with Dan White Jr., author of the new book Love Over Fear and our host Elice Kim. This webinar is scheduled for May 16 @ 12pm EST. You can register here:

Whether it’s the news, social media, or well-intentioned friends, we’re taught daily how to hate and fear each other. Can we move beyond the angst, angers and antagonism we feel in these polarizing times? Is there another option between attacking each other or avoiding each other?  

In the ecosystem of our communities Jesus invites us to be healers. Can we disrupt the fear gripping both the Left and Right that is toxifying the Church. 

In this webinar we will explore:

  • The neurology of enemy-love  
  • The tactics of affection that can awaken us  
  • Discover the practices that disarm antagonism  
  • Take home the tool for dismantling the fear between us  
  • Unpack a new pathway beyond polarization

For more on Dan’s book and the projects accompanying it go to:

Dan White Jr co-planted Axiom, a faith community in Syracuse, NY with the compelling commitments of tight-knit community, locally-rooted presence, and life-forming discipleship. Dan Jr. works as a consultant and missional coach with the V3 Movement. V3 trains, planters, and seeds Missional expressions throughout the country. He also co-founded the Praxis Gathering. Praxis is an annual gathering of 300+ on-the-ground Missional practitioners who are living innovative and incarnational ways of being the church. Dan is the author of Love Over Fear: Facing Monsters, Befriending Enemies, and Healing Our Polarized World (Moody Pub 2019), Subterranean, and co-author of The Church as Movement winner of InterVarsity Press Book of the Year 2017. Dan is married to Tonya, dad to Daniel and Ari, and can be found enjoying conversations at Salt City Coffee.  

Elice Kim lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest where she is learning to reimagine church and mission with the V3 Movement. She also works as a group administrator for Expedia Group. She loves connecting with people, traveling, and experiencing the transformative effects of the Good News in her life and in her community.  

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