Re-Imagining Mission

Over the last two decades, our culture has been in continual flux, shifting at an ever-increasing rate. In fact, quite possibly, the one constant within our culture may be our constantly shifting culture. This has been most notably aided by the emergence of the internet. Our grandchildren will, most likely, not know a world without the internet having seeped into every facet of life.

In the not so recent past, the primary voice in shaping our culture was the media. However, in our day and age, the primary shaping voice within our culture is the ever evolving presence of social media. We no longer primarily rely upon the evening local news or morning newspaper to break matters of local, national, or international importance. We simply check our Twitter feed.

It begs the question: “If the gospel is to be translated into our constantly shifting cultural context, how can the church cultivate a gospel-infused imagination that enables us to faithfully participate in God’s mission?” In other words, “How do we encourage one another to Re-imagine Mission within our culture?”

The church in our culture is often fixated on what “works” rather than asking the question, “What does gospel faithfulness look like?” Because of this tendency, the methods/methodology of large, growing churches are often held up as the examples to be emulated. And yet, Jesus looked to the small kingdom seed as that which possesses the DNA of movement (Matthew 13:1-33). As this seed is planted within a culture, it begins transforming everyone and everything it touches. This is profoundly countercultural, even within church culture.

In view of this, we are calling church, community, and business leaders together to Re-Imagine Mission at the Forge in the Rockies Regional Conference in Colorado Springs, CO. During this gathering, we’ll explore:

  • Key paradigm shifts the church needs to experience to equip and activate all the people of God to engage in His mission.
  • Participating in God’s mission through neighboring.
  • The difficult grassroots work of movement.
  • Various ways the church is re-imagining mission in our context.

Engage in the conversation with Brad Brisco, JR Woodward, Lance Ford and many more practitioners April 5-6 in beautiful Colorado Springs, CO.

As a special offer for our V3 readers use coupon code “V310” to get $10 OFF an individual conference registration 3/11/19 – 3/22/19.

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