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We here at V3 are excited about our partnership with The Table Network at The Praxis Gathering (September 27-29, 2018 in Philadelphia) this year.
The Table Network is a network of everyday people extending the freedom and family of Jesus to everyone – one table at a time. They believe that we are all guests at the table Jesus has prepared – not ushers, not cooks, and most certainly not the host. Shifting our focus away from self and onto the One who invited all of us in the first place, allows us to exist as a platform to helps others – to find rest, slow down, and invite others. Something happens, subtle, yet life altering nonetheless, when we take Jesus at his word. For it is, at the table he set before us, the need to pretend and perform is lost, the healing and strength to love as we are loved is found, and the simplicity of slowing down with others around good food and good news is transformative and freeing.
You can learn more from their podcast:

Listen in for an unfiltered look at how the finished work of Jesus has set us free from the exhausting madness of trying to fix our lives and the lives of others.
Their book:

The book Slow Down is a practical look at an ancient way for our present time. With a post-Christian society looming over the Western horizon, many church leaders and members race for the magic bullet. Ironically, it’s the freedom from this race, made available to us through Jesus, that invites us to embrace an ancient, minimalist approach resonating with those who are uninterested in the church.
And their blog: The Table Network Blog
Connect with The Table Network around the web:
Facebook: @thetablenetwork
Twitter: @TheTableNet
Instagram: @thetablenetwork

See you in September

We look forward to seeing you at The Praxis Gathering (register here) and be sure to meet our friends from The Table Network while your there!

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