Re-Imagining Leadership with Geoff Holsclaw

At Praxis Gathering 2018our fourth annual time together, we will plummet deep into the hands-on-work of Re-Imagining Leadership with unique emphasis on mutual leadership, emotional healthy leadership, five-fold intelligence, multicultural leadership and leadership in the neighborhood. We are overjoyed to have Geoff Holsclaw join us this year. He is among some of the best on-the-ground church planters and practitioners who will awaken us to the possibilities for lighting a path ahead for soul-healthy leadership in our churches. It has become daily news to see leaders abuse their power or observe their character crumble. In the last few decades we’ve baptized business practices and hierarchical structures—it has ravaged the soul of the Church. We need another way forward. Join us in Philadelphia as we explore the possibilities.

Meet Geoff Holsclaw

Geoff is a pastor, writer, professor and native Californian who now calls Chicagoland home. He serves as a co-pastor at  Life on the Vine, a missional church in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. He co-authored, Prodigal Christianity, is affiliate professor of theology at Northern Seminary, and the Director of the Masters of Arts in Theology and Mission. Geoff is wonderfully married to Cyd and they have two boys, Soren and Tennyson.
As a grounded practitioner himself, Geoff will be Re-imagining Leadership in these workshops:
Shared Leadership and Dying to Yourself
What does dying to yourself really mean in the context of shared leadership?  The concept of dying to yourself should certainly be part of our discipleship, but its application can look totally different within a team. This workshop will talk about the pitfalls and promises of dying to yourself within a team.
The Leadership Idol
While we usually focus on eradicating idols that would hinder our ministry, there is one idol that is entirely appropriate—in fact, it’s biblical. In this workshop, we will focus on the one leadership idol we need, and need to be—namely, ourselves.

See You in September

Register now for The Praxis Gathering in Philadelphia September 27-29th 2018 to join Geoff Holsclaw and many others in Re-Imagining Leadership. Follow below and find out more about Geoff:
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