Missional Basics: An Interview with JR Woodward

Church planting is hard work, and it’s easy to get caught up in the present, which isn’t necessarily bad since getting caught up in the very things God has called us to and wired us for is one of the deepest joys in life.
That being said, being caught up sometimes means we’re overdue for reflection. We may need to pause and look back at the foundations of our mission. It’s good to remind ourselves of the missional basics.
Here are a few videos from an interview with JR Woodward that was originally conducted at the time of the release of his book Creating a Missional Culture. JR’s responses are poignant insights that can bring us back to the ground floor of our calling and help us remember the essentials of being missional.
These short videos are also a great introduction for anyone you think is being led to explore missional culture.
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What Does It Mean To Be Missional?

JR discusses what defines a missional church and addresses the questions/topics:
Is “being missional” just the latest fad?
Is the missional church a new form of church?
The separation of ecclesiology and missiology
The corporal and cosmic aspects to the Kingdom of God
The sent-ness of the church

The Movement of the Holy Spirit in the American Church

JR answers questions about the movement of the Holy Spirit in the church addresses the questions/topics:
Is the church living into the realty of God’s future?
Multi-congregational approaches to church
The theology of place
Living in a story
The relationship of social justice and intentional discipleship
What does success mean when it comes to church planting?

JR’s Personal Approach to Mission

JR shares a personal story about serving in city council and addresses the topics:
The message and method of mission
The person of peace in the oikos
Technology and connecting with new people
“Passing people” and “permanent people”
Working with others before establishing world views

A Missional Table Theology

JR discusses the Eucharist and addresses the topics:
The presence of Christ in the Eucharist
The various tables in Christ’s ministry
Advice for leaders in the church
Being movemental
Discipleship in the four spaces of belonging
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Go Deeper

For more information on the essentials of missional culture, read Creating a Missional Culture.

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