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Special Announcement: V3 Partner – New Churches – Launches Missional Church Multiplication Course

Introducing a brand new church planting resource: Missional Church Multiplication
One of the dynamic results that developed out of last year’s Praxis Gathering was our relationship with Daniel Im, the Director of Church Multiplication for NewChurches.com and LifeWay Christian Resources, and Dr. Ed Stetzer, the Executive Director of LifeWay Research. This relationship with New Churches has culminated in the visionaries over at NewChurches.com developing and launching a new, powerful resource: the Missional Church Multiplication course.

Missional Church Multiplication

Missional Church Multiplication is an 18-module course designed to help church planters root every step of church planting in the mission of God’s kingdom—from building relationships in the neighborhood to developing leaders, preaching, managing money, and more. Each module has been uniquely designed to help church planters in all the key areas of place-based planting.
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  • 18 enhanced modules
  • 7 hours of HD video
  • 60+ handouts
  • Access to the NewChurches.com Plus Membership Facebook Community

Study under experienced practitioners…

  • JR Woodward
  • Alan and Debra Hirsch
  • Professor David Fitch
  • Dan White, Jr
  • Jon Tyson
  • Professor A.J. Swoboda
  • and many other leading, active missiologists

Learn to…

  • Multiply the mission, not just the numbers
  • Understand current trends in missional churches
  • Maintain an incarnational approach to practical responsibilities
  • Develop missional leaders within your church
  • Engage your local community and culture missionally

Exclusive Benefits

Missional Church Multiplication just launched, and there are exclusive benefits being offered to the first few people who join. Be among the first to claim these exclusive benefits!

  • Buyers 1-10 will receive a 30-minute call with JR Woodward or Dan White, Jr., access to one of two exclusive webinars featuring JR Woodward and Dan White, Jr., and a signed copy of JR and Dan’s latest book, The Church as Movement. 
  • Buyers 11-50 will receive access to one of two exclusive webinars with JR Woodward and Dan White, Jr. and a signed copy of their latest book, The Church as Movement.
  • Buyers 51-100 will receive a signed copy of JR Woodward and Dan White, Jr.’s latest book, The Church as Movement.

3 Free Modules

Missional Church Multiplication is now live! Watch the first three modules for free—with no obligation to buy.

Module 1: The 5 Myths of the Missional Church
Module 2: Latest Trends in The Missional-Incarnational Movement
Module 3: Why the Missional Church Needs to Stop Planting Churches

Instant Access

If you want to transition your church to become more missional, this course will give you the foundation, systems, and encouragement to take your next step.
If you are serving in a traditional church and want to better impact your city, this course will show you how to create a movement and a kingdom difference in your neighborhood.
If you want to learn an incarnational approach to ministry, this course will address the inner and outer steps that you need to take for maximum impact.
If you want to develop missional leaders in your church, this course will give you new frameworks for development.
If you want to plant a missional church, this course is for you.
Get Instant Access to Missional Church Multiplication!
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