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How to be a Movemental Church Planting Community

As you all know, here at the V3 Movement we are deeply passionate about helping men and women plant churches that reflect the viral, grassroots work of movement.
We are not interested in merely starting new worship services. We want to join God in seeding Jesus-centered communities and serve those who plant those communities with resources that make the church planting journey more fruitful and less challenging.
To this end, church planters from diverse backgrounds all over North America gather to journey together in our 8-month Learning Cohorts. These women and men discover and live into the eight competencies vital for planting movemental churches:

  •      Movement Intelligence
  •      Polycentric Leadership
  •      Being Disciples
  •      Making Disciples
  •      Missional Theology
  •      Ecclesial Architecture
  •      Community Formation
  •      Incarnational Practices

Our next Learning Cohort will begin in mid August, but the deadline for planters to apply for this dynamic learning experience is June 15. If you or anyone you know of is interested in participating, secure your place soon.
We believe that the work that happens in these Learning Cohorts is restoring a healthy heart to the church in our culture, so we would be especially grateful if you would help us get the word out through Twitter and Facebook.
Here are four possible messages to help people become aware of this training. Would you take a few seconds to post one or two of them in a joint effort with us to help strengthen the American church?

#missionalchurch Learn the 8 core competencies of Missional church planting through the V3 learning Cohort: http://bit.ly/1UN9JHC

Discover how to live into the vision of the #churchasmovement with a five-fold approach to leadership: http://bit.ly/1UN9JHC 

Consider how to nourish an emotionally healthy life that is worth imitating. #V3learningcohort: http://bit.ly/1UN9JHC

Learn the practices that help start and sustain life-giving shared-life in community. #V3learningcohort: http://bit.ly/1UN9JHC

What a Few Members Are Saying

Thanks for partnering with us.
Because He first loved us,
JR Woodward
Grow and Learn in Community with V3 Coaches & Fellow Church Planters!

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