This is How to Learn if Your Missional Communities are Healthy

Daniel Iwao is a church planter in California and recently participated in a V3 Learning Cohort. Here’s how he described the experience.

What originally drew you to the V3 learning cohort experience?

What led me to V3 was my relationship that JR built with me. While he was out here on a business trip, he took time out to come and spend time with me. We had a great conversation on what it meant to be a church planter and the struggles that I had as a church planter. He really became my friend and brother that day. When he asked me then to join a cohort to be with other church planters, I knew that this would be a good community for me to surround myself with.

How has the learning cohort experience benefitted your church community?

The benefits has been in a lot of ways. From helping me understand how a healthy missional community could look like to helping me with understanding how to be a leader. The support that I got from the cohort helped shape me to become a better thinker about what it means to be successful.

What is one lesson you learned in your cohort that you are applying?

The main lesson that I’ve been leaning on recently is the idea of the ‘spirituality of weakness’. This was a conversation that we had in our cohort that really spoke to me. It was the idea of how as leaders we try to mask our weaknesses instead of embracing them and allowing God to work through them.

Who would benefit from being a part of a V3 Learning Cohort?

Anyone who is mission minded and open to learning. What I’ve appreciated is that JR (my cohort leader) doesn’t try to force us into any type model. Instead he brings up thoughtful and engaging questions/thoughts that help us think about the practices that we are partaking in.
I would also recommend this to any church planter or someone thinking about church planting because this is the most comprehensible church planting mentoring program that I’ve personally been a part of. I know that there are other great church planting movements out there, but the coaching I’ve received, not just from JR, but from Dan White has been really awesome.

Anything else you want to share about the experience?

I’ve gained a mentor, brothers, sisters, and a whole load of friends from my time so far. Thank you!
“I want to be in a learning cohort!”
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