How to Make Life Long Friends Focused on Missional Community

Chad Jewett is one of the founding Pastors of Restoration Church in Castle Rock, Colorado. We asked him to share a little of his experience participating in a V3 Learning Cohort.

What originally drew you to the V3 learning cohort experience?

I was drawn to V3 initially from my searching. They appeared to be the only church planting organization who are invested and committed to Missional Communities.
There are many church planting groups and agencies who claim to be missional and promoting the missional/incarnational approach to ministry and church planting. However, with some quick exploring, I discovered every time they were really more of the attractional model of church planting and everything is centered on the gathering. For us, we never wanted to solely pursue just a gathering and wanted a more holistic approach so V3 seemed right up our ally.

How has the learning cohort experience benefitted your church community?

The learning cohort has provided a ton of resources to both myself and my community. I’ve been able to learn from other planters and coaches, pick their brains and soak up their knowledge and experience , so as to better lead my community. It is also super helpful to have my cohort to share ideas with and share highs and lows with.

What is one lesson you learned in your cohort that you are applying?

The need for a T-Group (or whatever you might call your discipleship group). If I am not specifically investing and leading a group of people through the process so they can be equipped, multiplied and sent, we aren’t actually doing discipleship. Discipleship will not primarily take place in the gathering, so we need a way to make sure we are actually doing this.

Who would benefit from being a part of a V3 Learning Cohort?

Who would benefit? In my personal opinion, every church planter! But to narrow this down a bit I believe people who are in the process of building a team for a church plant, those who might be pursuing a call to church planting, and even church planters in their first few years of church planting. Especially those who want to lead their community in a missional/incarnational matter…like actually live it, not just talk about it!

Anything else you want to share about the experience?

The teaching tools have been fantastic. However, the relationships with JR, Tim, Dan and guys in my cohort far exceed any one particular tool. Being able to pick up the phone and call them, talk through anything under the sun is the best part of V3 (for me). I’ve made life long friends from being part of V3.
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