Beyond Tradition to Disciple-Making

Tony Stefko is a Church Planter in Clarksville, Tennesee. He works bi-vocationally and is developing a unique and incarnational church community among his neighborhood and co-workers. We asked Tony to share a little about his experience in a V3 Learning Cohort.
You can learn more about Tony and Quad 4 Church here.

What originally drew you to the V3 learning cohort experience?

Tim Catchim, one of the coaches in the V3 learning cohort, invited me into the community. We were friends previously, and he knew I was planting a church. He suggested the V3 cohort as a great opportunity to gain some great tools for church planting as well as providing an encouraging support network.

How has the learning cohort experience benefitted your church community?

V3 has totally confirmed what I felt about growing God’s church: The way to build God’s kingdom is discipleship, not gimmicks with smoke and lights. We will not create a lasting movement without first intentionally investing ourselves in a group of people in our sphere of influence.

What is one lesson you learned in your cohort that you are applying?

One lesson would be the idea of T-groups. While I’m not totally following all the principles I’ve learned yet, I’ve invested myself in a few committed people in our community in order to disciple them and ultimately make them disciple-makers!

Who would benefit from being a part of a V3 Learning Cohort?

Anyone who is serious about growing God’s community God’s way would benefit from V3! Pastors of established churches, church planters and anyone endeavoring to follow the great commission principles of Jesus could glean great tools and models from the cohort.

Anything else you want to share about the experience?

V3 has inadvertently sparked a missionary heart in my life for those around me. The cohort helps remove church tradition and the structures of what we think church growth should look like and moves a person to the heart beat of Jesus.
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