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  • Phillip Yancey: Church Planters as Artists and Culture Shapers

    Philip Yancey will be speaking on “Church Planters as Artists and Culture Shapers,” followed by a panel discussion with Mako Fujimura and Sam Theophylus, pastor and planter of Beautiful Gate LA. You can participate at the Fuller Pasadena campus or by BlueJeans videoconferencing. The event is free for Fuller students, $5 for church planters, and $10 for others. A videoconferencing option

  • 4 Ways to Stop the Cycle of Non-discipleship

    The beginning of planting our first church was a time of passionate vision, excitement about possibilities and anticipation about what God would do through our emerging community. Dallas Willard’s quote about the church and discipleship stirred our hearts: We must be disciples, we must intend to make disciples, and we must know how to bring people to believe that Jesus really is

  • You Won’t Like Everyone in Your Church Plant, and That’s Okay

    I was talking with a first-time church planter about how things were going. As we were talking about some of the difficulties he was facing, he blurted out, “I just don’t like the people who are coming to my church! I wouldn’t choose to hang out with these people, and it’s hard to create a community with people you don’t enjoy hanging

  • What Would Help You Most?

    What do you need to start a movement? The V3 Movement is a dedicated to creating resources and training opportunities for Church Planters and Missional Movement starters. If you are reading this, it is because you want to start a movement. You want to see the kingdom of God to take root in your neighborhood. You want to see new movements

  • When Clinton and Bush Go to Church…Together

    A few years back I had two separate events occur in the same month that started an inner storm in me. First, I had a parishioner, dear to me and dear to others, decide to leave. The circumstances around her departure have left me scratching my head ever since. She kindly shared with me, “Dan, I don’t feel safe in this