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  • Where are New Churches Needed Most?

    Some church planters want to go “Where No Man Has Gone Before” (the title of the second pilot episode of the Star Trek television series). If you would prefer to go with something biblical, try the Apostle Paul’s words in Romans 15:20: “It has always been my ambition to preach the gospel where Christ was not known, so that I

  • Ignoring the Success of Celebrity

    A couple years ago I remember reading a job description for a new church planter. A mega church was embarking on their first planting foray. My eyes widened at the qualifications list. The only person who could meet the criteria was a man (had to be a man) more qualified than Jesus. I didn’t apply. It’s common in church culture for the best

  • How To Choose Leadership In Your Church

    When forming a leadership team in your church, choose non-representative governance! WHAT??!! This statement may seem scandalous for those who live in a representative democracy, and certainly, most leadership teams combine members representing either departments (adults, children, worship, outreach, etc.) or segments of the congregation. Yet, in my book, Made to Flourish: Beyond Quick Fixes to a Thriving Organization, I

  • Free Webinar: The Church We Need Now

    What Is Incarnational Movement? What practices are integral to the church flourishing? In this FREE Q & A webinar you will learn: The five elements that create movement Discover the posture and practices of incarnational ministry Discover the key factor to the spontaneous expansion of the church You will benefit from fresh, informative content and are invited to participate in Q & A

  • Getting Organized is Not Anti-Mission

    There is an incredible distrust of institutions these days. Where can we turn to find an institution that people believe is out for their common good? Church? Government? Banks? Newspapers? According to Gallup only 32% of Americans have any confidence in the 14 major national institutions to perform their necessary duties. The bottom line according to Gallup is Americans clearly