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  • Ministry’s Most Commonly Forgotten Secret

    My week had been particularly hectic, stressful and busy. But honestly, so had the week before! After thinking more about it, I realized that actually we hadn’t taken a day off in more than a few weeks now. Things just kept popping up. I’d say to myself, “This is just a season. It’s how it is now, but it won’t always be

  • 5 Good Decisions I Made as a Planter

    Of course it’s helpful to reflect on mistakes, especially if it will help prevent new ones, or if it can be an instructional tool to those follow after you. With grace, we reflect on those things, and we learn from them. But every now and then, a decision stands the test of time. Here are five good decisions I’ve made

  • 5 Lessons from the Front Lines of Church Planting

    I am the last person anyone would expect to become a church planter.  I grew up in the traditional church, majored in Religion at a denominational college, went to a denominational seminary and served three churches around the country as an ordained pastor.  This was going to be what I did for my entire career, but God had other plans,

  • 4 Church Planting Mistakes I’ve Made

    I don’t like making mistakes. I’d rather do things well the first time, and get praised for it. Who wouldn’t? But of course I’ve made mistakes. I’ve planted a couple missional churches where we sought to root our work in discipling people into participating in God’s mission, and then multiplying from there. All throughout this journey, up until this very moment,

  • The Well: A Testimonial

    This is a story from our Learning Cohorts about a church planter named Dan Magan and his church, The Well, in Virginia. If you want to learn more about how you can partner with V3 for the church planting that you feel called to or are involved in, please click here to learn more about our Learning Cohorts. The Well is