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  • The Times They Are A Changing

    This morning I turned on the kitchen lights when I got up. It’s the first time since summer began. We still expect warm days and abundant harvests throughout August, but this is my first warning that the seasons are changing and I need to be ready. It reminds me of when I worked in Jamaica. A common road sign read You

  • Praxis to Partner with Plough

    We are honored to introduce another of our Praxis Gathering partners for this upcoming gathering – Plough. Here they share who they are and their ministry calling. Plough Publishing House, founded in 1920, and based in Walden, New York, with branches in the United Kingdom and Australia, is an independent publisher of books on faith, society, and the spiritual life.

  • Peaks and Valleys – A Core Leadership Team Exercise

    Every Leadership Team experiences highs and lows, peaks and valleys. Peak: The day you host your first gathering! Valley: the first time someone leaves your community. Any time you gather a committed group of people you experience the pendulum of life, the best and hardest parts, together. This is the beauty of community and presents its own gifts and challenges

  • Re-Imagining Leadership with Christiana Rice

    It has become daily news to see leaders abuse their power or observe their character crumble. In the last few decades we’ve baptized business practices and hierarchical structures—it has ravaged the soul of the Church. We need another way forward. At The Praxis Gathering 2018, our fourth annual time together, we will plummet deep into the hands-on-work of Re-Imagining Leadership with unique emphasis on

  • How to Measure Discipleship Effectiveness

    As a (half-hearted) Indianapolis Colts fan, it pains me to admit that Tom Brady is one of the best quarterbacks of all time. The interesting thing about Tom Brady, though, is that everyone almost missed him. He was drafted 199th overall as a 4th-string quarterback (hardly any NFL teams have 4th-string quarterbacks). He almost didn’t make it into the NFL! One of