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  • Our Desire to Plant a Neighbourhood Church

    Here at V3 we get the joy of encountering stories from around the globe that inspire and encourage us and we hope to do the same for our readers by highlighting a few. We are honored to come alongside our church planters as they labor to ground their leadership and missiology in community. We are grateful to be part of

  • Best Cities in North America for Planting Among Asian Indians

    As of Saturday morning, June 2, 2018, the population of India was 1,352,795,014, making up 17.74% of the world’s population. In other words, approximately one out of every six people in the world live in India. This is important to consider in this third post of our series exploring the best places to plant churches. (see our first post here

  • 24 Hour Prayer: Fuel the Movement

    In the scriptures we see examples where Christ prayed through the night. A friend challenged me to try the same thing. I had never cultivated this as a practice (although once or twice in a trial I prayed through the night) but the thought got stuck in my brain and kept simmering. Eventually I had the opportunity to visit a

  • Free Webinar – Multi-Ethnic Missional Planting: Colonization vs. Community

    God’s spirit is awakening us to the beautiful mess of being a diverse church together. Everybody seems to be talking about being a Multi-ethic church. But what does that mean? Are we using consumeristic tactics to build multi-ethnic churches? Is this leading to a new colonialism rather than shared-life in community? We need to move beyond cool church practices and dive deep into neighborhood-rooted

  • A Rural Church Planter’s Story

    Here at V3 we are grateful to be part of many church planting journeys through our Learning Cohorts. It a deep joy for us as a missional church organization in seeing how God allows our ministry to bless those who allow us to partner with them. The stories from around the globe inspire and encourage us and we hope to