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  • Christian “Tweeners” in the Shifting Story of the Church

    “Cats Cradle,” it’s called, a kids game using a piece of string tied together to make figures with your hands.  It’s hard to describe. To (literally) grasp the fun, you have to try it for yourself. I introduced Cat’s Cradle to my 9 year old daughter recently as she characterized her perplexing experience of recess in the 4th grade. “We

  • For Love Of The World, Do Something Foolish this Lent

    This year Lent begins on Valentine’s Day and ends on April Fools Day, a little challenging in perspectives for those of us that like to adhere to the church calendar while still observing some of the practices of our secular culture. On Godspace, we have chosen the theme “For Love Of The World God Did Foolish Things” as our Lenten theme using

  • Three Keys to Leading Your Church Plant to Read the Whole Bible

    I am a goal setter. New Year’s Day is always a day of possibility and hope and typically involves setting annual goals. I love the idea of a clean slate with a fresh new calendar year and striving towards something with intention. This year I invited my church to read through the Bible with me. I declared 2018 “The year

  • Reframing: How to Develop Your Leadership “Lens” in a Diverse World

    Missional leadership depends upon the art of reframing. Reframing helps us to take a walk in someone else’s shoes and see the world from a different vantage point. Leaders who can reframe a context or situation can turn conflict into opportunity; despair into hope; sorrow into joy. An Alternate Lens When you are teaching a class, preaching, leading a formation

  • 3 Things To Do Instead of Looking for a Church Plant Core Team

    One of the most common questions I get is “where did you find people to come help you plant a church?” “How did you find people for your team?” Today, after over 2o years of ministry and 10 years of church planting, I believe there is a systemic problem that can arise from these types of questions. Parachuting in to