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  • Pain with Poise: Learning to suffer well

    So, in my last blog I shared my difficulty in accepting this current season in my life, and how it’s pushed me to re-embrace a theology of suffering. Our culture, like most cultures, rejects suffering, because of our propensity to be in control, reject trust and dependence on God and interdependence with each other. Like Peter, we take our suffering

  • Watch: Understanding the Missional Community

    Maybe you’ve already seen the previous posts where Dan White was able to speak about a few elements of his co-authored book with JR Woodward. (If not, it’s available to watch for free here.) This week, JR Woodward is bringing a good word, centering our missional values with a reminder that at His heart, God is a missional God. Don’t

  • Wake Up: Learning to Care About the Earth

    Waking up to the discovery of a world at risk: Earth Day 1970 “Get this garbage out the lobby now,” shouted the manager of the Kahalui Motel.  It was April 22, 1970.  Ed Yamamoto, student body president of Maui Community College and 12 other students had just stacked the last of 60 huge black bags of trash in the lobby

  • Watch: How to strengthen community in our churches

    Dan White Jr is back this week to provide a wonderful perspective on church community, how we can strengthen those bonds and what scripture says about our relationships in the body. He offers some practical steps and goals for fostering healthier, deeper relationships in the church. Don’t miss his new book with JR Woodward, available here. “The braided rope of our

  • Listening as a Leader

    Learning who to listen to is just as important as learning how to listen. In a world of unlimited resources, self-proclaimed experts, and incredible access through technology to information, discerning which voices to listen to can be a difficult task for a any leader. In the current postmodern situation, many emerging adults have developed a hyper-awareness of the limited scope