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  • Three People a Day

    When I moved to California to plant a church I knew that I needed to have some kind of goal.  I didn’t want that goal to be one that measured how fast we would grow numerically because I felt like that would put unhealthy pressure to grow at any cost and, potentially, hijack the vision for the church.  But I

  • The V3 Movement Partners with The Voices Conference

    WE NEED A UNITED VOICE. One that understands from experience, the plight of communities of color and seeks to channel that understanding to make lasting positive change. The Voices Conference experience is created by leaders of color for leaders of color. The marginalized and isolated need a space for collaboration and communal support. V3 is delighted to sponsor The Voices Conference

  • Every Pastor Needs a Pastor

    I need a pastor. Being a pastor myself, I wasn’t one to admit that I did. My reluctance probably stemmed from my pride of self-sufficiency and invincibility. Being a mature Christ-follower—and a pastor at that—meant that I should be able to handle anything that comes my way all on my own, no matter how bad it gets, right? Isn’t that

  • Millennials: The Money Challenged Generation

    For Millennials born in the 80s, school debt is significantly higher than for the Xers and Boomers of previous generations —approaching $40,000 per graduate! Church planters know the pain of this financial strain all too well. Recently, I met three different planters that are struggling with a $90,000 debt for their MDiv degree. This left them with no choice but

  • Meet JR Woodward and Dan White Jr. at the Inhabit Conference

    Are you headed to Inhabit Conference in Seattle this week? We’d love to meet you! The conference is exploring the movement of communities daring to re-imagine what is possible in our neighborhoods and celebrating how God is re-founding the local Church in our time.  Each year hundreds of practitioners, pastors, social entrepreneurs, church planters, community leaders, environmentalists, denominational executives, publishers, professors,