Phillip Yancey: Church Planters as Artists and Culture Shapers

Philip Yancey will be speaking on “Church Planters as Artists and Culture Shapers,” followed by a panel discussion with Mako Fujimura and Sam Theophylus, pastor and planter of Beautiful Gate LA. You can participate at the Fuller Pasadena campus or by BlueJeans videoconferencing.

The event is free for Fuller students, $5 for church planters, and $10 for others. A videoconferencing option will be available for attendees unable to attend in person.

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About Philip Yancey

“Yancey has explored the most basic questions and deepest mysteries of the Christian faith, taking millions of readers with him. Early on he crafted best-selling books such as Disappointment with God and Where is God When it Hurts? while also editing The Student Bible.

He coauthored three books with the renowned surgeon Dr. Paul Brand. “No one has influenced me more,” he says. “We had quite a trade: I gave words to his faith, and in the process he gave faith to my words.”

More recently, he has felt the freedom to explore central issues of the Christian faith, penning award-winning titles such as The Jesus I Never KnewWhat’s So Amazing About Grace? and Prayer: Does It Make Any Difference? His books have garnered 13 Gold Medallion Awards from Christian publishers and booksellers. He currently has more than 15 million books in print, published in 35 languages worldwide.”

About the Church Planter Panel

Mako Fujimura is a world-renowned artist, speaker, and author who believes beauty serves as an antidote to the suffering created by cultural brokenness. He currently serves as the director of Fuller’s Brehm Center, which provides resources for culture care and seeks to critically integrate worship, theology, and the arts. You can read more about Mako’s art, writing, and accolades here.

Samuel Theolophylus is an Indian missionary called to culture shaping and church planting in America. He and his wife, Priya, started Beautiful Gate LA, a church located in the neighborhood overlooking the Hollywood sign. You can learn more about Sam and his experiences as a church planter in our video, Church Planter Stories: Going Vogue with Sam Theophylus.

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