Beau Crosetto: Beyond the Discomfort of Inviting Seekers to Church

The ever-passionate Beau Crosetto joins us here at The V3 Movement once again! This time he shares some practical ways of getting past the discomfort we may sometimes feel when inviting the unchurched to church!

Three minutes and four seconds from now you’ll see why Beau is the apt author of the book, Beyond Awkward!

As you heard in the video, contact Beau with your questions–he loves answering them!


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Beau Crosetto
Beau just released a book on evangelism that is called Beyond Awkward. It helps people navigate the awkward tensions that arise in sharing Jesus and move past them in order to breakthrough. With one third of the book focused on the role of the Holy Spirit in witness, this is more than a how to say the “right thing” book. Buy it now on Amazon.
Beau Crosetto


  1. Barbara Ketchum Jun 17, 2015 Reply

    Thank you, thank you!! This could be the answer I am looking for…. I was wanting to start a small group but had no idea where to begin.
    Have read your book the first time and now am going through it again more slowly and thoroughly. If this was in there, forgive… I think this is a fantastic idea and so SIMPLE!!
    You are such a blessing to me and I know you are to many others. Keep us the “God” work!!
    Barbara K

  2. Beau Jun 18, 2015 Reply

    Barbara thanks so much for the encouragement! Keep going and let me know how the group goes!

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