Limited Space Available for the Next V3 Church Planter’s Assessment

You can’t have a movement of the kingdom of God without planting new churches.

New churches are one of the best methods for seeing God’s kingdom expand into new neighborhoods, people groups and generations. New churches are also a sign, the inevitable result of women and men joining God’s mission.

You want in?

On October 28-30, V3 will be hosting an Assessment at Downtown Baptist in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia.

The V3 Church Planter Assessment is designed to help you answer the question, “Is God calling me to lead a church plant right now?” While everyone can be a part of a church plant, not everyone has been designed to lead a plant.

The assessment process will help you, as the planter, take an honest inventory of your competencies and character as they relate to church planting. It also gives us an understanding of how to best walk with you and what ought to be your next step.

Assessment is also a requirement for anyone who wishes to apply for a V3 grant.

Registration ends August 14.

Space is limited. Register today!

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