Meet JR Woodward and Tim Catchim at Fresh Expressions

Are you headed to Fresh Expressions this Friday and Saturday? We’d love to meet you!

More and more, Christians recognize that their place in society is shifting. The story of God’s people living in captivity in Egypt has begun to feel very familiar. Fresh Expressions is an opportunity to catalyze renewal and reimagine a Church for the 21st Century.

V3’s JR Woodward and Tim Catchim are both leading workshops at Fresh Expressions.

JR’s workshop is entitled “Evangelism in a Changing Culture.” It wrestles with the question “What should we do when we realize that our usual programs and invitations are no longer attracting people to church or even to Christ?”

Tim is teaching two workshops. The first is entitled “You Can Start a Fresh Expression of Church: Discovering Your Calling to Mission-Shaped Ministry.” Tim envisions a Church where “everyone gets to play” and use their gifts for the sake of those to whom God is calling them.

Tim’s second workshop is entitled “Developing a Team to Start a Fresh Expression of Church.” You’ll discuss how to build a healthy leadership team of Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Shepherds and Teachers. The workshop will provide proven concepts of effective teams for mission.

It’s not too to register for Fresh Expressions.

If you’re there, we hope you’ll say “hi!”

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