The Church is facing an irrelevance and an unwantedness that it has not experienced in our lifetime. So how do we respond? By building cooler buildings? Creating better programs? Elevating better preaching? We believe those solutions are not addressing the pressing problem. 

Join us for a 4-part series in unpacking the grassroots work of movement. Too many of our institutional approaches stymie this work. Hear from 4 deeply rooted Practitioners: JR Woodward, Jessie Cruickshank , Dan White Jr, and Eun Strawser.

Each comes with a diverse perspective but a unified passion for the Church Without Walls. Together they will engage in a thick discussion on various aspects - Mission, Leadership, Discipleship, and Community. Let's reimagine being the church, with cruciform love, for the sake of the world.

AUGUST 23, 2023 | 1 PM ET



  • Week One: May 24th @ 1pm EST - Is Mission Over?
  • Week Two: June 21st @ 1pm EST - Is Leadership Necessary?
  • Week Three: July 19th @ 1pm EST - Does Discipleship Work?
  • Week Four: Aug 23rd @ 1pm EST - Is Community Realistic?

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Jessie Cruickshank is an ordained Foursquare minister and nationally recognized expert in the fields of discipleship and neuroeducation. She has spent over two decades applying neuroscience research to spiritual formation, ministry training, and organization development. She is respected globally as a missiological thought-leader and neuro-ecclesiologist.

Jessie serves the body of Christ as a church and denominational consultant. She is the Founder of Who-ology, which seeks to equip all people to be disciplemakers. She is the Co-Founder of 5Q, which focuses on training teams around Ephesians 4, and a founding member of the Movement Leader’s Collective Jessie holds a Master’s from Harvard in Mind, Brain, and Education. She is a published academic, author, and serves on multiple boards internationally.

She currently lives in Colorado, enjoying the rivers with her family. You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @yourbrainbyjess
Websites are WHOology and yourbrainbyjess

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Rev. Dr. Eun K. Strawser is the co-vocational lead pastor of Ma Ke Alo o (which means “Presence” in Hawaiian), a BGAV Watch Care Church with missional communities multiplying in Honolulu, HI, a community physician, and a Movement Leader at the V3 Movement, the church planting arm of the BGAV.

She is also the author of Centering Discipleship: A Pathway for Multiplying Spectators into Mature Disciples (IVP 2023). Prior to transitioning to Hawaii, she served as adjunct professor of medicine at the Philadelphia College of Medicine and of African Studies at her alma mater the University of Pennsylvania (where she and her husband served with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship) after finishing her Fulbright Scholarship at the University of Dar es Salaam. She and Steve have three, seriously, amazing children.

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JR Woodward has been passionately planting churches on the East and West Coast that value tight-knit community, life-forming discipleship, locally-rooted presence and boundary-crossing mission for over 25 years. He received his PhD from the University of Manchester (UK).

He is the author of Creating a Missional Culture (IVP, 2012) and co-author of The Church as Movement (IVP, 2016). He is working on his next book entitled The Scandal of Leadership, based on his Ph.D. research, which seeks to give a deeper diagnosis to the problem of domineering leadership in the church.

He co-founded the Missio Alliance and currently serves as the National Director for the V3 Church Planting Movement. He is the co-founder of the Praxis Gathering and writes for numerous websites and journals. He holds a Masters of Arts in Global Leadership from Fuller Theological Seminary. He loves to surf, travel, read, skateboard and new people. He enjoys photography and film and tries to attend the Sundance Film Festival whenever he can.

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Dan White Jr is a church planting strategist with the V3 Movement, coaching cohorts through an 18-month missional training system. Dan has coached over 200 new innovative faith communities across the country.  He has planted and pastored in rural, suburban, and urban churches for the last 20+ years.

He co-founded the Praxis Gathering, a yearly conference that equips practitioners in the hands on work of following Jesus deeper into our local places.

Dan is also co-founder, with his wife Tonya, of The Kineo Center a development & retreat center in Puerto Rico. - a beautiful space between the mountains and sea, for ministry leaders to process their wounds and weariness. He has written a few books and regularly speaks around the country in larger gatherings and smaller more intimate retreats. Dan is a humorous story teller that finds a way to weave together robust theology with on-the-ground practicality. 

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With the decline of Church-attenders and the shake-up of Sunday services after Covid, the question we’re all asking is what does the future of the Church look like? Do we need better programming? Better preachers?

More dynamic worship? We think not. 

We need to explore the grassroots work of movement. 

Too many of our institutional approaches stymie this work. How can we organize using practices that decentralize the People of God for ordinary mission, social justice, and healing in our neighborhoods? We may need

to rethink how we gather to be a Church Without Walls. Join us to learn from local movements on-the-ground that are galvanizing and

gathering people for the sake of God’s in-breaking Kingdom.