Power is everywhere: social, political, economic, and relational. And the working of power is complex. And it isn't neutral. In this webinar, David Fitch takes a deep dive into the question of power.

What is power? How does it work? How does the church operate in relation to power? How do we live in the world as Christians in relation to power? How does God’s power work in our lives, and in the world?

Working with  the best of biblical and historical scholarship, the traditions of Black and liberation theology, and feminist and postmodern philosophy, Dr. Fitch will guide to discern the difference between worldly power and the godly power practiced by Jesus, and how to live and organize our churches accordingly. 

JANUARY 25, 2023 | 2 PM ET


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David Fitch is Lindner Chair of theology at Northern Seminary, Chicago. He is an ordained pastor in the Christian and Missionary Alliance and currently pastors(along with 3 other pastors) the Peace of Christ Church of Westmont IL, a core suburb on the southwest side of Chicago. He grew up on the east side of Hamilton, Ontario. He is married to Rae Ann and they have one son named Max. He teaches, speaks, writes, coaches and leads conversations on the church in mission, its engagement with the cultural issues of our day for the gospel. He’s written seven books, and writes regularly at sites like Christianity Today, OutReach Magazine,, EthicsDaily, Missio Alliance. His next book is entitled Not So Among You: Jesus, the Church and the Question of Power. (Brazos Press, 2024)

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Today's leaders have been trained to draw a crowd and preach a good sermon, but few have been equipped for the future the church is facing. Many are starving for wisdom, guidance and grounded tools on how to cultivate new types of church bodies. When we explore doing this together within a learning cohort, it is a much richer experience than going at it alone.