Engaging the Neighborhood Immersion

A 4-week Immersion in discovering the local, relational, and globally networked Church around you with Tim Soerens and Christiana Rice

About this Immersion

We as the Church are living and leading in confusing and challenges times. Reading the headlines it can seem like everything is melting down, but when you get closer to street and pay attention to what God is doing it actually feels more like a hopeful movement. More than ever we need to reorganize the Church around God’s dreams for our neighborhoods.

In partnership with The Parish Collective, this immersion will give you the framework and inspiration to lead your community toward becoming the Church in the everyday life of your neighborhood.

The Flow (Thur, Aug 6th – Aug 27th):*

  • Week 1: RECOVERING THE BIG WHY: Without clarity on what the church is for, we can’t meaningfully connect with our neighborhood as people of faith. We need to start here.
  • Week 2: THE POWER OF PAYING ATTENTION: If we believe that God is the hero of the story we need to attend and discern this activity and recover metaphors of leadership that allow us to join with God.
  • Week 3: THE MEGA CHURCH NEXT DOOR: When we have eyes to see the “entire” Church in our context, we will be surprised and challenged with how God is calling us to engage local collaboration as central to our mission.
  • Week 4: CELEBRATING LOCAL HEROES: We can’t lead with fear. By identifying and connecting the strengths of our neighbors we can build a culture of local celebration and resilience.

*RECORDINGS: With your ticket, you will receive the recordings of each session in case you are unable to attend.

The Coaches

Tim Soerens is a pastor, social entrepreneur, and a co-founding director of the Parish Collective. He is the author of “Everywhere You Look: Discovering the Church, Right Where You Are” and co-author of “The New Parish.” He lives in Seattle with his wife, Maria-Jose, and their two sons.

Christiana Rice is an on the ground practitioner and visionary voice in the Parish Church movement, serving as a co-director for the The Parish Collective. She is a trainer and convener for churches who are inhabiting their neighborhoods as a tangible expression of the love of God. Christiana is co-author of, “To Alter Your World” with Michael Frost and lives in San Diego with her husband Derek, their two daughters and their neighborhood church community.

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