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The Grove Church Planting Residency

By Josh Oxendine, Lead Pastor of The Grove Church
I don’t know about you, but I have become an avid mixed martial arts fan.
Almost every week there seems to be a new “great fight” to watch. What most people don’t realize is the amount of work that it takes for the fighter to get to the point of peak performance before a fight. In preparation for a fight, a fighter spends somewhere between six to eight weeks training, dieting, sparring, watching film, and working rigorously on cardio.
These are all key areas that a fighter must prepare himself in. On the day of the fight, the fighter then takes everything he prepared for and puts it into action. Win or lose, his training gives him the best chance at winning the fight.

Church Planting and Training to Win

Much like MMA, church planting is one continuous fight after another. Though there are many variations, all planters need some form of training to prepare them for the grind of church planting. One form of training is through a church planting residency. A church planting residency provides you with valuable preparation before you begin your journey as a church planter.
[Tweet “A church planting residency provides you with valuable preparation before you begin your journey”] At The Grove Church in Fayetteville, North Carolina, church planting is an integral part of our identity. In January of 2016, we began meeting as a group, and it is our desire to see five churches planted over the next five years.
Because of this vision, The Grove Church has formed a church planting residency to assist in recruiting, training, equipping and sending out leaders. The Grove Church Planting Residency is a one-year, financially supported residency that will allow you to get hands-on experience in church planting. We will give you opportunities to preach, raise funds, start and multiply missional communities, and develop your church planting plan.
You will also have the privilege of being trained in core missional competencies through the V3 Movement.
[Tweet “A financially supported residency that allows you to get hands-on church planting experience”]

How to Apply

  1. Fill out our application.
  2. Complete the Multiply Group assessment online.
  3. Once applications are received you will be contacted to set up a meeting.

The Grove Church Planting Residency starts September 1st. All applications must be completed by July 15th. Each applicant must complete a Multiply Group Assessment ASAP. Please send all resumes and any questions to josh@thegrovenc.church
To get a better feel for our mission, vision, and values, check out our website at www.thegrovenc.church.

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