Church Planting Isn't Meant to be Done Alone

Matt Alexander is one of the pastors at Rhythm Church in Miami, Florida. We asked Matt to share a little bit about his experience being in a V3 Learning Cohort.

What originally drew you to the V3 learning cohort  experience.

I initially got connected to V3 through Rhythm’s friendship with JR Woodward. JR had invested a lot of time in our leadership during the first few years of Rhythm’s life, so being part of the learning cohort was a next logical step.

How has the learning cohort experience benefitted your church community?

There are many different ways that being in the learning cohort has benefitted Rhythm, but the biggest is that it has impacted my personal walk with God and vocational skills. I’m a better disciple, pastor, and leader as a result of being in V3, which impacts our entire congregation.

What is one lesson you learned in your cohort that you are applying?

Spending time learning more about the four spaces of belonging has been helpful for Rhythm. It has given language to some of what we intuitively knew already, which has allowed us to deepen and articulate how discipleship works in our community.

Who would benefit from being a part of a V3 Learning Cohort?

Anyone who is at the pre-church planting stage or early stages of planting a church would benefit from the tools, training, and community of V3! It’s a solid group of practitioners.

Anything else you want to share about the experience?

Church-planting isn’t meant to be done alone, so connect with peers and mentors who can help you navigate the unknown territory that you’re about to venture into!
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