FREE Advent Resource: A Light in the Dark

One of the realities of planting a church is that you have limited time and energy. That’s why we love sharing our favorite resources.
With Advent beginning this coming Sunday, we are passing on this helpful resource from our friend and V3 contributor A.J. Sherrill. Here’s a short excerpt from a devotional guide he developed for Trinity Grace Church. You can learn more about A.J. and his writing at

For Christians, Advent is a delayed gratification — It calls us to wait with joy, to expect in hope, and to believe even in the dark places of life. To use the words of my dear friend, Bill Kerr, Advent is “a joyous anticipation.” It is a Holy longing for God to be with us. Few things worthwhile in life are received instantaneously. And in our impatience, we too often settle for cheap imitations, and less than satisfying substitutes.

For the next 4 weeks this formation guide aims to lead you into Sacred Scripture in an effort to embrace mystery, longing, and finally, Light. Each week follows the same structure for you to move at your own pace. The sections that will guide you are as follows:

1. Prayer of Opening – A simple prayer of turning toward God.

2. Lectio Divina – A contemplative posture reminds us that authentic spirituality is not primarily about knowledge but intimacy. This way of reading prioritizes relationship and rest with God.

3. Scripture Memory – When we ingest the text and commit it to memory, we carry it wherever we go. Further, we give the Scripture opportunity to do work within us when we memorize.

4. Commentary – Each week will have some textual explanation to deepen your understanding.

5. Application – Several questions will be posed to engage your heart, mind and will as you pray to integrate the profound impact of the infancy narrative into everyday life.

6. Closing Prayer – A communal prayer will end each week to unite you in spirit with others praying the same prayer.

A Light in the Dark
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