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Curious about how the V3 Movement can help you?

We here at the V3 Church Planting Movement desire to come alongside you as you seek to plant churches that are a sign, foretaste and instrument of God’s kingdom. Growing a movement involves having a vibrant faith, a viral hope and a concrete love.  We seek to foster these through all we do: our learning cohorts, our assessments, multicultural churches and resources. Read on below to learn more about these core service areas.

1) Learning Cohorts
2) Assessments
3) Multicultural Churches
4) Resources


Learning Cohorts

V3 offers four different learning cohorts, uniquely tailored for whatever stage you are on the church planting spectrum: 1) Exploring, 2) Engaging, 3) Establishing and 4) Equipping. Each of these cohorts has a different focus, but a similar learning experience. V3 provides three venues for learning: content, coaching and consulting.  You will learn from people who are masters in their craft as well as from those journeying with you.


This learning cohort will help you know the basics of church planting. In every endeavor, in every field, knowing and practicing the basics is integral to success.


This learning cohort will help you go deeper in every area of planting, as you gather more tools and discover ways to last in ministry.


This learning cohort is designed to cultivate movement makers, where you learn how to use your unique calling and shape to help other planters.


Assessments are designed to help you discern your call and competencies as it relates to church planting in a particular context.  Everyone starts with an extensive online pre-assessment to discern if it makes sense to go to the 3-day assessment center, which takes place a couple of times a year.

Multicultural Churches

Has God sent you to share the gospel and plant a church among a particular language group? We would love to come beside you and resource you to grow healthy, reproducing, indigenous congregations. We can also help you start multi-ethnic congregations and even churches in gateway cities around the world.


We desire to connect you to cutting edge resources for discipleship, church planting and movement. Check out our blog and curated resources. You will also learn how to develop a faith-filled approach to funding your plant. Want to join the V3 movement? We offer two kinds of grants for qualified planters. Contact us for more information.