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About V3 Church Partnerships

Established churches play a critical role in planting, parenting and supporting new church plants. Your wisdom, encouragement, prayers and resources are needed. Every church has the capacity to help grow a church planting movement. V3 can come alongside your church and help you discern the best way to be involved. Maybe God would have you plant and parent a church, or maybe God has called you to grandparent a church or be an extended relative to a plant. 
Check out the tabs below for a few different ways your church could think about your place in the church planting movement. Fill out this short questionnaire so we can help you discover the next step of involvement that makes sense for you and your church.

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Parenting means you want to give birth to a new church.

Giving birth to a new church is one of the most painful and rewarding experiences. Starting new churches grows the body of Christ and renews the established church. Parenting involves giving financially to the new plant for the first three years, and allowing the planter(s) to recruit people for his or her core team from the current congregation.

Every daughter church needs loving grandparents.

While not every congregation is able to give birth to a new church, most every congregation can be involved in grandparenting a new church plant. You know the role of grandparents. They like to spoil the grand kids. While they aren’t expected to send people to the plant, they do help financially for the first three years. They also encourage, support and pray for the new plant.

It takes a village to raise a child, and every church plant could use some aunts, uncles and cousins.

Churches that act as extended family have less of a commitment than the immediate family. They don’t give long term, or send people, but they do give a special financial gift. Along with that initial financial gift, they take time to pray, encourage and support the new plant in ways that God leads.