V3 Movement Blog

  • Behind the Scenes with 2 Women in Ministry Leadership

    V3 was able to ask cofounders Taeler Morgan and Becci Curtis-Lillie about their church, Gather|Tacoma, in Tacoma. This is what they had to say about ministry and church planting. Meet Taeler Morgan Tell us a little about yourself, your hobbies and your calling to plant a church. I’m a Southern California native, married to my favorite person, Tim, for the

  • Experiencing the Sacred at Sundance (Theology at the Theater, Part 3)

    In the previous blog of this series, I discussed using the lectio divina as a way to approach the theology of film through a process I call cinematographeum divina. While this idea wasn’t fully developed until after my trip to Sundance, I had the opportunity to work through most of the steps, because I approach much of my life in

  • How to Make Waves: A 10-Year Plan for Discipleship

    The future is changing at warp speed. What that means for the church is that we have to be on our toes, ready to engage whatever culture emerges in these next 10 years. This means inviting the Spirit of God to ignite our imaginations, to create whole new forms of life-making, change-making and church-making. This means engaging new challenges and opportunities of changing

  • First Baptisms of the Grace Capital City Plant

    In August of 2015 a group of ten of us gathered for the first time in our living room in Washington DC to begin to plan, dream and pray about what God might want to do through the new church we felt called to plant, though it was certainly humble beginnings even then we felt expectant about God’s plans for

  • 3 Ways the Parish Model Would Change Your Church

    The Third Church Presbyterian community meets in Richmond, Virginia with the mission “Called together for the renewal of all things through Jesus Christ.” For Third, that means a new model for church, a decentralized Parish model. Each of the eleven parishes will consist of around 100 people, and the parish will be the main mode of community and ministry for the