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  • 6 Tips for Celebrating Earth Day

    It’s time to get ready for Earth Day. This important celebration April 22nd, is often neglected by our churches, but I think should be at the forefront on our yearly rhythms. God created us from the earth and for the earth. In Food and Faith: A Theology of Eating, theologian Norman Wirzba says: When we become strangers to the earth

  • The Missional Potential of the Five-Fold

    Find out more about the Learning Cohort 2017 here:  This is JR Woodward explaining what God’s design might mean for you and your ministry. The five-fold method uses Ephesians 4 to show a beautiful outline for what our gifts could be for the church. “People aren’t given the gifts; they are the gifts.” Ephesians 4:7 shows a five-fold ministry profile, composed of apostles,

  • Do Over: 5 Church-Planting Fixes

    I’ve been thinking a lot lately about do overs.  Any baseball fan knows that you often wish you could get another pitch.  In golf you call it a mulligan and take a dropped ball. In a great game of Horse, you may even take a second shot.  If you’re specifically a Cleveland sports fan you wish you could have a

  • Finding Home in Your Neighborhood

    What does it mean to be at home? That question is difficult for many, especially those who have been affected by political turmoil, those called on to serve in wars, those who are uprooted and transferred as refugees into societies with mixed feelings about their presence. Here’s Dan White Jr, co-author of The Church as Movement, discussing his experience in Kenya working

  • Pain with Poise: Learning to Suffer Well

    So, in my last blog I shared my difficulty in accepting this current season in my life, and how it’s pushed me to re-embrace a theology of suffering. Our culture, like most cultures, rejects suffering, because of our propensity to be in control, reject trust and dependence on God and interdependence with each other. Like Peter, we take our suffering