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  • Apply Now: Pastoral Opening in Miami

    Are you looking for an opportunity to use your skills in a missionally focused, movement-minded church community? Rhythm is a non-denominational Christian church in Miami, Florida that has partnered with V3 since they began. They are currently seeking to fill a role on their pastoral staff. Here’s how they describe themselves: There are a few key things that define us.

  • Four Ways You and Your Congregation Can Respond to Disaster

    The recent mammoth floods in and around Houston as a result of Hurricane Harvey has left us all reeling. The overwhelming images of devastation and suffering that we see bring us to despair. Relief workers struggle relentlessly to handle the unimaginable onslaught. Deprived of sleep, subsisting on an inadequate diet, confronted by unimaginable horrors, some quickly break down and many

  • 4 Pressing Needs in Rural Communities and How the Church Should Respond

    This year, the Praxis Gathering will be making an intentional effort to expand our conversation to include urban, suburban and rural environments and church plants. Here’s Jonathan Davis on his perspective as a minister in rural America. To hear more from him, sign up for the Praxis Gathering 2017 HERE. While the cultures may be vastly different, rural churches seemingly

  • How to Overcome the Trap of Loneliness

    “I’m so lonely. I don’t have any friends who understand what I am doing.” I don’t know how many times I have heard variations of this statement from young church planters who feel isolated and overwhelmed struggling alone in a hostile environment. Some leave their fledgling churches feeling they have failed in their vocation. Others struggle constantly with depression, anxiety

  • Praxis Gathering 2017: Kyuboem Lee

    We’re proud to announce that Kyuboem Lee, church planter, minister, educator and more, will be joining us at the Praxis Gathering 2017. If you’d like to be there too, make sure you click HERE to register. About Kyuboem Lee Kyuboem Lee (BA Biblical & Theological Studies, MDiv Urban Mission, DMin Urban Mission) was born in Seoul, South Korea and raised