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  • Church Planters: What Would Help You Most in 2018?

    At the V3 Movement, we’re committed to providing tangible resources that will help you make disciples, plant churches and start a movement. These days, there is A LOT of Church Planting material out there. It can feel like drinking out of a firehose. The only problem is, some of it is better than others. Some of it might not be

  • Church Planter: Jesus Moved On. Should You?

    Imagine that you have tried your best to make disciples out of a handful of people, but their interest in Jesus never goes beyond curiosity. Not a single one of them have made a commitment to obedience to Jesus for as long as you have been investing into those relationships. Or, let’s say no matter how hard and how long

  • How To Get Out of the Church Planting Celebrity Trap

    In a previous post I talked about the subtle but powerful temptation to plant a church with a celebrity fan club culture instead of a missional movement culture. I talked about how to diagnose whether a celebrity fan club culture is creeping into your church plant. Now I want to talk about a few concrete actions you can take as

  • What Would Martin Luther Do With an iPhone?

    The tech revolution didn’t begin with the iPhone in 2008. It began 500 years with the creation of the printing press.  That innovative technology transported people all over the planet into this new modern world. How a 33-Year-Old Unleashed Technology on the Church This year we are celebrating the radical action of a 33 year old named Martin Luther.  Martin

  • Thanksgiving: Not Just For Thanksgiving Anymore

    I love Thanksgiving. Ask anyone who knows me. I have even been known to celebrate it multiple times a year. Because of my passion for T-day people usually assume that my favorite food is turkey or mashed potatoes. Well, I like pumpkin pie as much as the next gal but that is not why I am a Thanksgiving evangelist. It