First Baptisms of the Grace Capital City Plant

In August of 2015 a group of ten of us gathered for the first time in our living room in Washington DC to begin to plan, dream and pray about what God might want to do through the new church we felt called to plant, though it was certainly humble beginnings even then we felt expectant about God’s plans for this new endeavor.
Slowly our community grew, slowly ministry started to happen, slowly we began to launch communities throughout the city, slowly relationships where formed and slowly we began to see with our eyes what God had been placing on our hearts.
Grace Capital City was officially launched in September 2016, in the neighborhood of DuPont Circle, strategically close to both the GWU and Georgetown campuses, so as to reach students and begin to create discipling relationships. GCC ministers in the challenging, yet ultimately fruitful, tension that can exist between the Sunday gathering and the House Church expression.
We believe in both the gathering and the scattering of our church. As God’s church gathers on Sunday’s for worship and teaching we believe we encounter the living and active presence of the Spirit and the living and active Word of God, we are able to catch a greater vision for what God is doing on the earth, in our city and in our lives and compelled to be a part of it.
As God’s church scatters to the neighborhoods we believe we are able to incarnate deeply within the community, to learn to not just preach good news but to actually be good news ourselves, we are able to learn to love and serve our neighbors.
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Our relationship with V3 has been an important part of our journey as we have received coaching, connection and support through a wider network of missionally minded communities and leaders. V3 continually reminds us to keep our eye on the prize, to remember that we are not leveraging our lives to simply transfer christians from one congregation to another, but rather to see sons and daughters fully awakened to the gospel of Jesus Christ.
On Sunday April 16, 2017, we held our first public baptisms, in many ways it felt like a fulfillment of so much of what God had promised to our community, the testimonies of lives changed where compelling and moving. However in other ways it was also a reminder that this truly is just the beginning, a reminder of the many who have yet to step into new with Christ and a reminder of how many new testimonies we can’t wait to hear moving forward!

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