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“Every system is perfectly designed to get the results it gets.”

It’s a well-known idiom, for businesses and organizations. It’s true for the Church, too.

Alan Roxburgh’s latest book, Structure for Mission: Renewing the Culture of the Church, argues that we must look deeper than just fixing the church. We need to examine the underlying stories, metaphors, and cultures that give organizations their meaningfulness.

In reviewing the book, I wrote “Cultural change is more painful than cosmetic change. But if the church in its local, regional and national expressions is going to move into God’s future, we must be willing to question our underlying assumptions and provide space to re-imagine.  Alan Roxburgh reorients us to seeing God as primary agent and gives us practical help in how to move from a “manage and control” approach, to discerning the work of the Spirit in the local. The question is:  Are we willing to live by faith?”

This is an essential conversation for us at The V3 Movement. We’re committed to planting churches that are structured to join the mission of God, and to multiply into movements.

I’m hosting a special webinar with Alan about this on Thursday, March 17 at 12pm EST, entitled “Structuring Your Church and Network for Mission.”

We will be discussing:

  • How to plant churches where people can meaningful live out their faith
  • The purpose and nature of structures and how to develop a Spirit-formed imagination
  • How to discern the disruptive work of the Holy Spirit
  • How to develop structures that help people develop mission-shaped lives
  • Helpful advice regarding starting churches and church planting movements

This unique learning opportunity is completely free! Don’t wait. Register today!

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JR Woodward
JR Woodward is a church planter, activist, missiologist and author of Creating a Missional Culture (IVP, 2012). He co-founded the Ecclesia Network and Missio Alliance. He currently serves as the National Director for the V3 Church Planting Movement and is pursuing a PhD at the University of Manchester (UK).
JR Woodward

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  1. A. David Griffin Mar 9, 2016 Reply

    This is such a timely event. It meets me where I am and prepares me for the influx of Christians who are hungry for the God who has already revealed Himself to them. I will certainly join and also look forward to possibly parterning with v3 as the Lord directs and leads.

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