Meet JR Woodward and Dan White, Jr. at the Inhabit Conference

Are you headed to Inhabit Conference next week? We’d love to meet you! The conference will break down the false dichotomy between being locally rooted and globally linked. V3’s JR Woodward and Dan White, Jr. are both leading workshops at Inhabit. JR and Dan will be speaking on the topic “Subterranean: a relational rhythm for submerging into the neighborhood.”

They describe it this way: “Around the world, through war and famine, people groups are violently displaced. JR  and Dan have both spent time exploring and investigating refugee camps in Kenya that have experienced what is called “the Displacement Affect.” This is a psychological phenomenon that makes the rooting and settling process exceptionally difficult. In Cultivating communities on mission in an urban context, they observed some of the same signs and symptoms of Displacement Affect here stateside. Together we will unpack how we can simplify and guide our Missional Communities from detachment to being rooted in a real-time neighborhood. Be equipped with a tested schema that will in essence offer us a new relational liturgy in the labyrinth of our cities.”

JR will participate in a symposium entitled “Starting Parish Churches” along with Ben Katt and Christiana Chase Rise. The landscape of church planting shifts considerably when the faithful presence in the parish become the goal. Explore these changes along with pioneering practice for launching new churches formed at the neighborhood level.
If you’re there, we hope you’ll say “hi!”

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